Top 10 Fidget Toys to Help Manage Dermatillomania

Welcome to Educational Toys Planet’s list of Dermatillomania Fidget Toys to help manage stress and anxiety. Dermatillomania, also known as skin-picking disorder, is a mental health condition that causes individuals to compulsively pick their skin. This can lead to physical damage and significant distress. Our list of dermatillomania fidget toys provides creative solutions for managing the urge to pick, helping individuals struggling with this disorder find relief and comfort. From tactile fidgets and spinners, to weighted lap pads and soothing stress balls, these dermatillomania fidget toys provide an outlet for those with the disorder while teaching them positive coping skills in the process. Browse our selection of dermatillomania fidget toys today to help improve both physical and mental wellness!
TBTFW Pick and Peel Stone Kit, 80ml Red Pick Stone for Anxiety Relief,...
  • 🧸What will you receive? You will receive Pick and Peel Stone Kit, 80ml Red Latex.A round bone picking stone, A double sided sharp picking hook, A heavy duty tweezers, A silicone scraper and A wooden stand.
  • 🧸Unique enjoyment: Pick Stone is naturally and carefully selected with many pocket holes on the poop side; the filling is made of latex and is easy to pull with the help of the hook tweezers; this kit will allow you to enjoy entertaining and relieving time, you will be satisfied and become more busy.
  • 🧸Stress relief:Pick Stone can solve problems, such as boredom, stress, anxiety and tension; help relieve tension and anxiety and bring you a different DIY experience of stress relief. If you crave a mundane task to help you focus, then TBTFW Peel Stone Kit Stand for you.
Picking Stone Kit with Latex Based Stone Filler, Picking Stone, and Pick...
  • Great for Dermatillomania Fidget Relief: Helps stop picking on skin by stimulating a similar sensation while picking stone
  • Anti-Anxiety: Great for anxiety, focusing, ADHD, autism, quitting bad habits, and staying awake. Also effective for focus and deep thought.
  • Wide Usages: It relieves nervousness and anxiety while doing a task or simply waiting. It helps a fidgeter focus on the task at hand while lessening bad fidgeting habits
Pick Stone for Anxiety Relief, Pick Peel Calming Stone, Reduce Stress...
  • FidgetGone Fidget Stone Kit offers not a lot more than you expected. Making use of this kit helps you improve your psychosocial needs. From improving calmness, to relieving boredom, anxiety and stress. It is great in removing cuticles, scabs and excess akin you want to get rid of. Moreover, it helps in improving ones focus.
  • With natural and excellent characteristics, the stone is carefully selected with nooks having pouched aperture for the filler. The filler, being made from latex rubber, with the aid of the hook helps and is great in pulling. Although pores vary in sizes, some are small and some are large, this kit enables you to enjoy the thing you do and will you satisfied with the result. Even more, you become more busy.
  • You can do things freely to this kit, whether you like the filler to be thin or thick as you desired. you can squeeze the filler on the stone surface or deep on the hole. Either way, it can be done. The waiting time for the product to dry depends on how deep the holes are. The deeper the holes, the more product you put, the more waiting time is required for it to dry.After eight hours for the thin layer, the product is already ready to be picked or pulled.
ALEXTINA Anxiety Ring for Women Spinner Ring 6MM Stainless Steel Fidget...
  • Anxiety Relief Items for Women - Our fidget rings serve as anxiety relief companions for anyone suffering from ADHD or anxiety. You could spin the outer band a full rotation with ease. The freely rotating outer layer is the ideal fidget to relieve tension, increase focus or reduce stress, all while maintaining a high quality look and feel.
  • Premium Materials - Crafted from genuine 316l stainless steel, the anxiety ring is anti-allergic / never fade / no rust, scratch resistant. Well-polished inner surface, comfortable to wear.
  • Anxiety Ring for Women: The spinner ring rotates once per flick. It is subtle and quiet, which you can always have with. Perfect for fidgeting while in professional situation. It gives you relief in moments of anxiety or when you are feeling fidgety. It keeps your hands occupied and gives you something to focus.
FUNRUN JEWELRY 4 -6Pcs Stainless Steel Spinner Ring for Women Mens Fidget...
  • ECONOMICAL SPINNER RING SET: One order include 4pcs different style spinner rings: 1 moon star fidget ring, 1 flower spinner ring, 1 triple interlocked rings and 1 moon phase spinner ring. Muti-style give you mutiply wearing chioce, giving you more choices to meet your different needs.
  • RINGS APPLICATIONS: Ring sizes 5/6/7/8/9/10/11/12 available,suit most women. Fidget band rings,fairly low profile and spins easily,perfect to be send as gifts to your mother,girlfriend,wife,sister,friend,daughter or colleagues promise ring,engagement ring,wedding band ring or distracting ring.
  • HIGH QUALITY MATERIAL:Our fidget band cool rings are made of quality stainless steel, solid and durable, healthy material, harmless to your body; highly poshlied with rings inner surface, scratch resistant, longer time to wear.The surface smearing effect is more retro and fashionable.
SHASHIBO Shape Shifting Box - Award-Winning, Patented Fidget Cube w/ 36...
  • Unlike other puzzle box toys that turn out disappointing & dull, the patented, award-winning Shashibo fidget box features 36 rare earth magnets for an innovative design that transforms into over 70 shapes. Fits comfortably in the hand for hours of mind-challenging fun, stimulate the senses with unlimited creative possibility! Can you master the Shape-Shifting Box?
  • Nothing compares to the quality & unique design of the Shashibo, durably constructed of premium injection-mold plastic, 36 rare earth magnets, and a tear-proof, matte or high-gloss surface. Each magnetic puzzle features 4 unique, artistic patterns of vibrant, mesmerizing artwork, for an ever-changing array of beauty at your fingertips.
  • Collect & Connect – With the strong internal magnet system of our fidget puzzle boxes, you can connect multiple magnetic cubes to build even larger structures and sculptures – for the ultimate satisfying magnetic fidget toy and brain teaser. Collect all 12 designs to create vibrantly patterned, spellbinding 3D art!
Angel's Wonderland Novelty Funny Toy,Pimple Popper Blackhead Toys as Adults...
  • 【Warm Tips】Package: 1× blackhead toy;1 ×tweezers① Do not squeeze or pinching blackheads area, it will make the blackheads disappear.② Since the blackheads are imported by hand, the number and length of the blackheads may vary.③ Some hair are easy to pull out and some are hard, they brings you the variety of experiences. For those very hard to pull out, please ref the following Link video.
  • 【Release Stress & Anxiety】It is sort of engrossing to pull this little guy's hairs out one by one. could see this being a hit with a compulsive pimple popper, hair twirler or eyelash puller. Pulling out his little hairs/blackheads is quite addicting. you end up with a happy but odd-looking little keychain toy to serve as a memento.
  • 【Christmas Gift Or White Elephant Gift 】If you are looking for a christmas gifts or gag gift or something for a white elephant gift exchange, this little toy is a real winner. Everything about it is so funny and weird, and elicits all sorts of puzzled looks and laughter. also a little bit gross, which makes it all the weirder and funnier.
6PCS Magnetic Rings Fidget Toys, Roller Rings, Adult Finger Fidget Toys,...
  • [ MAGNETIC RING FIDGET TOY]:6 Pcs Fidget Spinner Rings, Meet ASTM F963-16 toy safety standard and safety testing requirements,Round corner,No oil or maintenance needed.Light weight and easy to carry, rounded smooth surface can protect fingers from scratches. multi-colors are availabl. With these urgraded magnets you will get a better experience during spinning than ordinary magnets to avoid falling off.
  • [EASY TO PLAY]:Finger magnetic rings is easy to operate hold with one finger either side of the center and then with your other hand spin, and the spin time lasts 30s-1min. Spin them, do tricks, stick them to surfaces. Packed of 6 rings, you can play games with friends, such as track, hockey, billiard, wheel rotating, Make your daily life funny.
  • [ADDITION OF PERSONAL CHARM] : The mysterious power from always attracts people's attention, the art of how to deceive the human eye will help you become a shining star on the party, festival, every occasion. This will help others look at you with new eyes, improve your personality and it's cool.
Mjolnir Hammer Fidget Spinners Metal, Thor's Battle Hammer Fidgit Finger...
  • Unique Fidget Spinner:Great for Fidget, Anti-Anxiety, Focusing, Quitting Bad Habits, Staying Awake.Funny and wonderful present idea.
  • High Performance Bearing:100%R188 Stainless Steel Center Bearing.Our Spinner Toys are quiet,smooth and durable.Unique Spinning Ways bring tons of fun to you.
  • Best Party Favors:Bring tons of fun to you with it special spin way.Help improve concentration and focus with its smoothing spins.Helps find new perspectives as you put your brain to use, whether brainstorming,thinking,researching,etc.
Mr. Pen- Spiky Sensory Rings, 10 Pack, Pastel Colors, Stress Relief Fidget...
  • Do you want to channel your nervous energy into something productive, have fun and improve dexterity? With our spiky sensory rings, you will feel a satisfying feeling. Mr. Pen spiky sensory rings come with 10 pieces in 5 different colors, 2 pieces per color.
  • Mr. Pen spiky sensory rings are made of high-quality stainless steel with an anodized coating to make them strong, durable, rust-proof, and not easy to fade. They help create plenty of pressure and sensation through the acupressure process.
  • Our spiky sensory rings outer diameter is about 1 inch, and their inner diameter is 0.38 inch. The rings are flexible and suitable for everyone who likes to wear them on their fingers or toes.

What is Dermatillomania?

Dermatillomania, also known as excoriation disorder, is a mental health disorder characterized by the repetitive urge to pick at one’s own skin, resulting in skin lesions and tissue damage. It is classified as an obsessive-compulsive spectrum disorder and is often accompanied by feelings of guilt, shame, anxiety, and depression. The disorder can have a profound effect on self-esteem and interpersonal relationships, and can even result in physical scarring. Treatment for this disorder typically involves cognitive-behavioral therapy, medications, and the use of fidget toys.

Q2: What are Fidget Toys?

Fidget toys are small items that can be used to help with concentration, focus, and stress relief. They come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and materials, and can be used for a variety of purposes. Fidget toys are often used to help with ADHD, anxiety, and other mental health conditions. They can also be used to help with sensory processing, motor skills, and even relaxation. Fidget toys can be beneficial for those with dermatillomania, as they can provide a distraction from the urge to pick at one’s skin.

Q3: How Do Fidget Toys Help with Dermatillomania?

Fidget toys can help with dermatillomania by providing a distraction from the urge to pick at one’s skin. When a person feels the urge to pick, they can instead focus on the toy, allowing them to redirect their attention and break the cycle of picking. Additionally, the tactile sensation of the toy can provide a calming and soothing effect, helping to reduce feelings of anxiety and stress. Fidget toys can also help to increase focus and concentration, allowing the person to better manage their thoughts and emotions. By providing a distraction from the urge to pick, as well as a calming effect, fidget toys can be a valuable tool in managing dermatillomania.Dermatillomania Fidget Toys