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  1. Air + Water Power Science Kit
  2. Music Motion Quadrilla 97 pc Musical Wooden Marble Run
  3. Fantasy Castle Blocks Building Block Set
  4. Brio My First Railway Starter Pack 9 pc Toddler Train Set
  5. Redmaster DIY Barrel 100 pc Deluxe Wooden Building Set
  6. Meccano 10 Models Rally Racer Motorized Building Set
  7. Brio Builder Starter 48 pc Construction Set
  8. PowerClix 3D Magnetic 48 pc Building Kit
  9. Racing Car and Train Construction Play Set
  10. Kubix 40 Letter + Number Wooden Blocks & Play Mat Set
  11. Quercetti Georello Kaleido Gears Set
  12. Vertigo Quadrilla 134 pc Wooden Marble Run

    Vertigo Quadrilla 134 pc Wooden Marble Run

    $149.97 Sale $119.97
  13. Frontier Logs 300 pc Wooden Classic Construction Play Set
  14. Space City Quadrilla 176 pc Wooden Marble Run
  15. In the City 75 pc Building Blocks Set
  16. Fiddlestix Classic Wooden 68 pc Building Set
  17. Award Winning
    Building Toys
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  19. Snap Circuit Motion Detector Electronic Mini Kit
  20. Wacky Wigglers Gears Building Toy
  21. Cliffhanger Quadrilla 94 pc Wooden Marble Run
  22. At the Zoo 50 pc Building Blocks Set
  23. Brio Railway Starter Set 26 pc Train Set
  24. Bristle Blocks Big Value Case 85 pc Building Set
  25. Design & Drill Bright Works Light-Up Drill Activity Set
  26. Robotics Smart Machines Rovers & Vehicles Engineering Science Kit
  27. RC Monster Truck Techno Gears 80 pc Building Set
  28. Building Toys
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  29. Remote Control Machines Animals Build Bionic Creatures Science Kit
  30. Engino 30 Models Building Kit
  31. Intro to Engineering Kids First Science Kit
  32. Smartmax Basic 42 pc Magnetic Building Set
  33. Magformers 30 pc Rainbow Magnetic Construction Toy
  34. Brio Deluxe Cargo Railway 54 pc Wooden Train Set
  35. Meccano Super Construction 638 pc Motorized Building Set
  36. Frontier Logs 160 pc Wooden Classic Construction Set
  37. Mechanical Engineering Robotic Arms Science Kit
  38. Kids First Automobile Engineer Science Kit
  39. Deluxe Build a Road Super Spiral 300 pc Construction Set
  40. Engino Inventor 30 Models Motorized Building Kit
  41. Rockin Race Car Techno Gears 80 pc Building Set
  42. Quercetti Tecno Building Toy
  43. The Cyclone Quadrilla 198 pc Wooden Marble Run
  44. Story Express Safari Wooden Train Set
  45. Construct a Hot Rod Vehicle Building Set
  46. Smartmax Click & Roll Magnetic Building Set
  47. Zolotopia Artistic Sculpture Game for Kids
  48. Geomag Kids Panels 44 pcs Magnetic Building Set
  49. Basic Builder 42 pc Wooden Construction Set
  50. Brio My First Railway Beginner Pack 18 pc Toddler Train Set
  51. Gears 60 pc Starter Building Set
  52. Brio Builder 135 pc Construction Set
  53. Physics Solar Workshop Construction Science Kit
  54. Demolition Lab for Kids - Wrecking Ball
  55. 80 pc City Block Wooden Building Set
  56. The Roundabout Quadrilla 91 pc Wooden Marble Run
  57. IO Blocks Vehicles 59 pc Planes and Boats Building Set
  58. Zoob Galax-Z Astrotech Rover Space Vehicles Building Kit
  59. Magformers RC Cruisers 52 pc Magnetic Vehicles Building Set
  60. Build Wooden Fire Truck Vehicle Construction Set
  61. 100 pc Wood Building Blocks Set
  62. Kids Tools and Mini Workbench Building Set
  63. Quercetti Georello Junior Toddler Gears Toy
  64. Brio Rescue Firefighter Set 18 pc Wooden Train Set
  65. Big Fun Domino Run 94 pc Circus Dominoes Race Set
  66. Remote Control Machines Science Kit

    Remote Control Machines Science Kit

    $84.97 Sale $63.97
  67. Dynamo Dominoes Building Domino Chain Set
  68. Design & Drill Power Tool Workshop
  69. Brio Rail & Road Loading 32 pc Wooden Train Set
  70. Kids First Robot Engineer Building Kit
  71. Pop Zolo Creative 3D Sculpture Crafts
  72. Better Builders Grippies 30 pc Sensory Magnetic Building Set
  73. Techno Drag Race Rally 4 in 1 Car Models Building Set
  74. Snap Circuits Sound Electronic Science Kit
  75. Brio Starter Track Pack 13 pc Extra Wooden Tracks Set
  76. Deluxe Jumbo Cardboard Blocks 40 pc Building Set
  77. Kubix 40 pc Wooden Building Blocks & Mat Set
  78. Magformers Classic 30 pc Magnetic Building Set
  79. Meccano 5 Models Roadster Building Set
  80. Fiddlestix Classic Wooden 144 pc Building Set
  81. Magformers Inspire 14 pc Magnetic Building Set for Girls
  82. Letters & Numbers 100 pc Building Blocks Set
  83. Pirate Wooden Blocks Play Set & Storybook
  84. Remote Control Machines Custom Cars Building Science Kit
  85. Techno Off-Road Kings Vehicle Building Set
  86. Castle Wooden Blocks Play Set & Storybook
  87. Wind Power Energy Science Kit
  88. Magformers 62 pc Magnetic Construction Toy
  89. Dizzy Fun Land Motorized Gears Building Toy
  90. Geomag Kids Panels Glitter 44 pcs Magnetic Building Set
  91. Brio Classic Deluxe 25 pc Wooden Train Set
  92. Creative Peg Puzzle - Toddler Wooden 3D Puzzle
  93. Physics Pro Science Kit

    Physics Pro Science Kit

  94. Kids First Aircraft Engineer Science Kit
  95. Build a Road Double X-Track 200 pc Construction Set
  96. Dizzy Droid Techno Gears 80 pc Building Set
  97. Smartmax Flower Palace Magnetic Building Set
  98. Constructables Motorized Vehicles Building Set
  99. Quadrilla Medieval Quest 217 pc Wooden Marble Run
  100. Master Builder 62 pc Wooden Construction Set
  101. Brio Classic Figure 8 Set 22 pc Wooden Train Set
  102. Engino 20 Models Building Kit
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Items 1 - 100 of 230 total

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Blocks and building toys have been around as long as toys have been in existence. It is an innate urge within children to build and create things and often blocks are a simple way to learn and play while expressing their interests. If your daughter loves princesses, she might make a castle. A son who loves farms, could build a farm. At the same time, they are practicing STEM skills and strengthening their math and science skills. Those skills will help them throughout the rest of their lives, as they enter high school and college. Spatial reasoning, cognitive development and problem-solving are all practiced when kids are playing with blocks. Do not mistake this time as mere play, but pay attention to what they build, how they think and what they try to share with you. Use play as an opportunity not just for learning but for quality time and bonding.