Rusty and Rosy Early Reading – Educational DVD

Thanks to Tamsyn for sharing!

I recently purchased this and my little one loves these videos so I thought I’d recommend them. My Mom bought these on VHS 10 years ago and it helped my siblings learn to read. The pros are they have great voice talents and they use real music (not digitalized) including classical music excepts. I even chose a song from these videos for my Jr recital at the University. The music is great. The other pro is the cost, 4 DVDs for $10. The cons are that it’s an older video and the animation reflects that. Also from the phonetic sense they teach that L says “la” and not just “l” by itself, which is contrary to how I’m teaching Peter his letters. But that’s a minute point. For the songs, they sing it once, then speak it once while showing the words and highlighting the word. Then they sing it with the text below. Then they sing it in the foreighn language it originated from, if applicable. I don’t get anything from this, I’m just a happy customer
sharing what I found. The seller has a few of these.

Rusty and Rosy Early Reading


  1. They used to be available on Ebay. However, looks like the original seller is out of stock on them.

    I found VHS sets on Amazon quiet inexpensively: as low as $16 per the whole set: Rusty & Rosy VHS.

    If you find a better location, please share!