10 playthings that ease math learning

Learning math concepts can be frustrating for both children and parents. Find the toys that help understanding mathematics. Approved by teachers and parents, these learning playthings will teach kids in the best way – by playing.

1. Geometric Shapes 3D Building Set

  • 5 years +
    Build 2D and 3D shapes with this geometry learning construction toy!
  • Develops skills: geometry, shapes, math, comparison skills, spatial reasoning, building skills, thinking skills

2. Number Balance Math Learning Toy

  • 5 years +
    This math learning toy demonstrates number relationships and helps your child better understand addition, subtraction, and comparisons.
  • Develops skills: math, number sense, addition, subtraction, cause & effect, equations

3. Cuisenaire Jr. Ants Early Math Activity Toy

  • 4 years +
    March your way to math success at school with this colorful ants on logs Cuisenaire math game, promoting unique counting, addition, subtraction and number comparison math skills.
  • Develops skills: counting, number comparison, addition, subtraction, matching skills, thinking skills

4. Equate Preschool Math Activity Game

  • 4 years +
    Learning numbers and counting is easy and fun with the Hape Equate matching game.
  • Develops skills: counting, numbers, math, manipulative skills, problem solving, colors, fractions, matching skills

5. 1-100 Magnetic Board & Tiles Math Set

  • 5 years +
    Master counting from 1 to 100, numerical order and more with this math teachers’ favorite learning accessory.
  • Develops skills: numbers 1-100, counting, skip counting, place value, addition, subtraction, multiplication, thinking skills

6. Fractions Pie Puzzles Fractions Learning Toy

  • 8 years +
    Have fun while learning about fractions with this fractions learning Fractions Pie Puzzles by Educational Insights.
  • Develops skills: fractions, math, thinking skills, problem solving

7. Telly the Teaching Time Clock – Primary Colors

  • 3 years +
    This electronic talking Telly clock provides the whole array of time learning activities.
  • Develops skills: thinking skills, time reading, problem solving

8. Buy It Right Shopping Game

  • 6 years +
    While playing this fast pace money game your children will familiarize themselves with the money, and simple math principles in a fun play environment.
  • Develops skills: money, thinking skills, addition, subtraction, math, social skills

9. Creative Color Cubes Spatial Thinking Learning Activity Set

  • 3 years +
    This Learning Resources creative activity set of 100 wooden color cubes helps develop spatial reasoning, visualization and math skills.
  • Develops skills: math, spatial reasoning, 3d visual perception, thinking skills, manipulative skills, creativity

10. Math Explosion Magic School Bus Math & Science Game

  • 5 years +
    Let kids master their math facts the playful way and make the volcano on the board game explode as they play the Math Explosion educational game!
  • Develops skills: math, addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, science, thinking skills, problem solving, social skills