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Young Explorer for 7 Years

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  1. Backyard Safari Kids Explorer Cargo Vest
  2. Backyard Safari Treasure Hunter Learn Navigation Kit
  3. Backyard Safari Kids Safari Hat
  4. Backyard Safari Adventures Flashlight
  5. /
  6. Flash Firefly Kids Flashlight
  7. Giddy Buggy Flashlight

    Giddy Buggy Flashlight

    $12.99 Sale $9.37
  8. Kids Outdoor 4x30 Binoculars
  9. Kids Outdoor Nite Hiker LED Headlamp
  10. Kids Outdoor LED Lantern

    Kids Outdoor LED Lantern

    $11.99 Sale $9.99
  11. Kids Big Tape Measure
  12. Backyard Safari Campfire LED Mini Lantern
  13. Backyard Safari Field Binocs
  14. Children Binoculars
  15. Kids LED Headlamp Outdoor Toy
  16. Science on Nature Walk Field Explorer Kit
  17. Simple Tape Measure for Kids
  18. Blossom Kids Flower Flashlight
  19. Kids Safety Goggles - Primary Science Safety Glasses
  20. Jumbo Test Tubes with Stand

    Jumbo Test Tubes with Stand

    $15.99 Sale $13.49

20 items

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Your young explorer is ready to search, learn and discover! Now it's the time to equip they with the right exploration tool that will be safe to use and fun to play with! Educational Toys Planet gladly offers some really cool toys for a Young Explorer to make your children's outdoor and indoor nature exploration more exciting. Kids binoculars, fun flashlights, animal and bird watching kits, bug toys, camping accessories and more - all can be found in our Young Explorer section.