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  1. Word Construction Learning Game
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  3. 3 Letter Words Spelling Match It Puzzle Game
  4. Blurt! - Word Race Game

    Blurt! - Word Race Game

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  5. Word on the Street Junior Vocabulary Board Game
  6. Opposites Learning Puzzle Pairs Game
  7. 4 Letter Words Spelling Match It Puzzle Game
  8. Alphabet Memory Game
  9. Spelling Bee Grab It! Interactive Game
  10. Simple Words Reading Puzzle Game
  11. First Words Match It! Learning Puzzle
  12. Kids 12 Wooden Magnetic Travel Games Set
  13. Sentence Building Dominoes Learning Set
  14. World of Animals 3-in-1 Learning Games Set
  15. Super Why ABC Letter Game for Kids
  16. Three Letter Words Spelling Puzzle Cards
  17. Award Winning
    Word Games
  18. World of Words 3-in-1 Learning Games Set
  19. Simple Word Lotto Word Building Game
  20. Letters Match It! Spelling Puzzle Set
  21. Build a Word Language Game

20 items

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It is a real challenge for parents and teachers to seed the love towards learning and reading. Word games and other educational games and puzzles bring fun element into language learning and nurture interest towards reading. Have a spelling contest, guess words, tell stories, match the words with pictures! Fun language arts activities are provided by our unique educational word games. Our classic and innovative word games and activities expand children’s vocabulary, bond thinking and reading skills, and entertain the whole family. Educational Toys Planet’s word games and word puzzles are aimed for the whole spectrum of interests and ages of your children.