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Toys for Preschoolers for 9 Years

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  1. Activity Cones - Set of 8 Colorful Cones
  2. Fizzy Foamy Kids Science Kit
  3. Jumbo Test Tubes with Stand

    Jumbo Test Tubes with Stand

    $15.99 Sale $13.49
  4. Ladybug Land Ladybug Habitat
  5. Famous Painting Art Kit - The Starry Night by Van Gogh
  6. Port a Bug - Portable Bug Habitat
  7. Dinosaur Plant Amazing Water Plant Kit
  8. Fly Trap Fiends Windowsill Greenhouse Plant Kit
  9. Play Money Set - Deluxe

    Play Money Set - Deluxe

    $19.99 Sale $17.51
  10. Jump Ball - 18 Inches Hopping Ball
  11. Egg & Spoon Race Game

    Egg & Spoon Race Game

    $14.99 Sale $14.95
  12. Deluxe Light Catcher Scratch Art Set
  13. Boat Ride Blended Color 6 Jumbo Pencils Tri-Color Mixies Set
  14. Famous Painting Art Kit - Red Studio by Matisse
  15. Giant Butterfly Garden Live Butterfly Habitat
  16. World Map Wall Poster for Kids
  17. USA Map Wall Poster for Kids
  18. 8 Colors Masking Tapes Craft Set
  19. Be Anything Face Paint 8 Bright & Bold Colors Set
  20. Magnetic Wall Stickers Set - Janod - World Map MagnetiStick
  21. Inflatable Giant 36 Inches Political Globe
  22. The Little Prince 3 Figurines - Pilot, Little Prince, Fox
  23. 36 Reptiles & Amphibians 100 pc Jigsaw Puzzle in a Gift Canister
  24. Paddle Tether Ball Outdoor Play Set
  25. 36 Sharks 100 pc Jigsaw Puzzle in a Gift Canister
  26. Indoors and Outdoors Physical Activity Set of 6 Fun Toys
  27. Smart Electronic Watch for Kids - VTEK Smartwatch

27 items

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Preschoolers desire fun, flexibility and movement in their play and learning. It is important that toys for young children ignite their imagination and give them the opportunity to explore their environment. Early childhood education and play cannot be separated. They are one in the same. The best toys for small children are ones that give them the best of all worlds. They are every bit as enjoyable as they are educational. Learning tools should be brightly colored and engaging with interesting sounds , fun themes and learning embedded within the activities. Great toys like Telly the Teaching Time Clock are colorful, engaging, cute and interactive so that learning never feels forced or boring. Creative toys like the Zolotopia Artistic Sculpture Game for Kids allow children to express themselves while practicing motor skills, counting, colors and more. When choosing toys on Educational Toys Planet seek out the products that will excite your child while they grow and learn. We know what's the best for preschool learning! The smart playthings that made to this list are chosen by Educational Toys Planet's team of preschool educators. Children from 3 to 4 years can play and learn in a preschool classroom or in their home playroom. You should not clutter your playroom with tons of toys, just get the ones that promote creative play, fun shapes, unusual elements that children can add to their role playing or their designated work time. From simple puzzles to first strategy games, these Top Preschool Learning Toys will create that special environment that inspires to discover, remember and advance.