Toys for Preschoolers

Preschoolers desire fun, flexibility and movement in their play and learning. It is important that toys for young children ignite their imagination and give them the opportunity to explore their environment. Early childhood education and play cannot be separated. They are one in the same. The best toys for small children are ones that give them the best of all worlds. They are every bit as enjoyable as they are educational. Learning tools should be brightly colored and engaging with interesting sounds , fun themes and learning embedded within the activities. Great toys like Telly the Teaching Time Clock are colorful, engaging, cute and interactive so that learning never feels forced or boring. Creative toys like the Zolotopia Artistic Sculpture Game for Kids allow children to express themselves while practicing motor skills, counting, colors and more. When choosing toys on Educational Toys Planet seek out the products that will excite your child while they grow and learn.
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  1. Motorized Mobiles - 2 Cars for Build a Road
  2. Twirling Baton for Kids
  3. Lift & Learn Colors and Shapes Puzzle
  4. Original Slinky Spring Toy
  5. Kids Metal Watering Can
  6. Little Princess Castle 24 pc Puzzle in in Shaped Gift Box
  7. Ice Cream Shop 8 pcs Sand Play Set
  8. Preschool Stickers Learning Activity Book
  9. Lace-a-Long Safari Animals Lacing Toy
  10. Birthday Parade 20 pc Jigsaw Puzzle
  11. GeoSafari Bugnoculars Bug Viewer
  12. Blossom Bright Trowel Kids Garden Hand Shovel
  13. Picture Mosaic Kids Craft
  14. Sight Words Flash Cards
  15. Happy Giddy Binoculars for Kids Outdoors Play
  16. Stacker Crackers Picture Alphabet Learning Game
  17. Preschool Basics Workbook - 32 Pages
  18. ABC Dot to Dots Activity Workbook - 64 Pages
  19. T-Rex Dinosaur 6 Inches Play Ball for Kids
  20. Happy Giddy Bug House
  21. Jungle Animals 5 inch Green Play Ball for Kids
  22. Handwriting Write-on Learning Placemat
  23. Numbers Stickers Preschool Learning Activity Book
  24. Decorate Your Own Wooden Treasure Chest Kids Craft
  25. Tow Truck Game Magnetic Wooden Puzzle
  26. Froggy Kickball Frog Ball for Kids
  27. Numbers 1-10 Learning Placemat
  28. Colors & Shapes Match It! Trilingual English Spanish French Teaching Puzzle
  29. Dogs 7 inch Red Play Ball for Kids
  30. Harmonica Musical Instrument for Kids
  31. Fairytale Mix Up Tell Me a Story Cards Set
  32. Dogs 5 inch Red Play Ball for Kids
  33. Drop Cloth for Kids Art Projects and Easels
  34. Kids Gardening Gloves
  35. Leaning Tower of Pisa Mold Sand Building Toy
  36. Color Drawing Doodle Magnetic Drawing Board
  37. Frog Hoppers Game
  38. Nobbie Gertie 8 Inches  Ball

    Nobbie Gertie 8 Inches Ball

    $11.97 Sale $9.97
  39. Rockets 5 inch Play Ball for Kids
  40. Vehicles 7 inch Play Ball for Kids
  41. Super Soft Dough 4 Colors Set
  42. Decorate Your Own Wooden Heart Box Girls Craft
  43. ABC 80 pc Jigsaw Puzzle

    ABC 80 pc Jigsaw Puzzle

    $7.49 Sale $5.97
  44. See-Inside Alphabet Peg Puzzle
  45. Life on Earth 20 pc Jigsaw Puzzle
  46. My Tissue Art - Crunch Art Kit
  47. Numbers 0-25 Flash Cards
  48. Train Your Hand Alphabet Handwriting Activity Book
  49. Chalk Activity Pad
  50. Eiffel Tower Mold Sand Building Toy
  51. Shapes Lace & Trace Panels
  52. Good Food Learn Food Groups 60 pc Puzzle
  53. I Learn Animal Mothers & Babies Matching Puzzles Set
  54. Vehicle Sounds Yellow 7 inch Play Ball for Kids
  55. Make Your Own Bracelets Girls Fashion Craft Kit
  56. Drawing Paper & Construction Paper 112 Sheets Art Pad
  57. Magnifying Bug Viewer Outdoor Toy
  58. Jack & the Beanstalk Garden Plant Growing Kit
  59. Kids Rainbow Stunt Streamer
  60. Girls Dress Up Mix Match Stack Chunky Wooden Puzzle
  61. Simple Tape Measure for Kids
  62. Words Match It! Learning Puzzle Game
  63. Math Stickers 64 Pages Preschool Learning Activity Book
  64. Animals Peek Through Pattern Wooden Puzzle
  65. Dinosaurs Coloring Learning Placemat
  66. Parthenon Mold Sand Building Toy
  67. Alphabet Stickers 64 Pages Preschool Learning Activity Book
  68. See Inside Spanish Alphabet Peg Puzzle
  69. Kids Garden Large Leaf Rake
  70. Alphabet Fun Learning Flash Cards for Kids
  71. Pets Lace & Trace Panels
  72. Blossom Kids Flower Flashlight
  73. Kids Watering Can - Yellow
  74. I Learn Alphabet Puzzle Matching Game
  75. Preschool Super Scholar 128 Pages Workbook
  76. Ants on a Log Learning Rods Math Activity Toy
  77. Preschool Basics 96 Pages Activity Deluxe Workbook
  78. My First Sticky Mosaics Pets Craft
  79. Toy Watering Can Water Toy
  80. Magnetic Wooden Numbers
  81. Opposites Flash Cards
  82. Bollie Ladybug Play Kickball
  83. Solar System 7 inch Play Ball for Kids
  84. Big Preschool Activity Workbook 320 Pages
  85. Rockets 7 inch Play Ball for Kids
  86. Firefly Kids Flashlight
  87. Train Your Hand Numbers Handwriting Activity Book
  88. Button Up Bear Lacing Activity Toy
  89. Pyramid Mold Sand Building Toy
  90. Land of Dinosaurs 24 pc Puzzle in Shaped Gift Box
  91. Mayan Pyramid Mold Sand Building Toy
  92. Ready, Set, Count! Learn to Count Toy
  93. Maritime Mates Boat Parade Water Toy
  94. USA Map 20 pc Jigsaw Puzzle
  95. Kids Ventilated Bug Jar
  96. Beach Basics 4 pcs Sand Play Set
  97. My First Sidewalk Chalk Set with Chalk Holders
  98. Alphabet I Try Skill Flash Cards
  99. Learning Placemat Wipe-off Crayons
  100. My First Sticky Mosaics Zoo Animals Craft Kit
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Items 1 - 100 of 203 total

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