Toys for Preschoolers

Preschoolers desire fun, flexibility and movement in their play and learning. It is important that toys for young children ignite their imagination and give them the opportunity to explore their environment. Early childhood education and play cannot be separated. They are one in the same. The best toys for small children are ones that give them the best of all worlds. They are every bit as enjoyable as they are educational. Learning tools should be brightly colored and engaging with interesting sounds , fun themes and learning embedded within the activities. Great toys like Telly the Teaching Time Clock are colorful, engaging, cute and interactive so that learning never feels forced or boring. Creative toys like the Zolotopia Artistic Sculpture Game for Kids allow children to express themselves while practicing motor skills, counting, colors and more. When choosing toys on Educational Toys Planet seek out the products that will excite your child while they grow and learn.
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  1. Jumbo Dinosaurs Dino Figurines 5 pc Playset
  2. Toy Giant Bugs 7 pc Set - Jumbo Insects
  3. Toy Cash Register Teaching Toy
  4. Dizzy Fun Land Motorized Gears Building Toy
  5. Wacky Wigglers Gears Building Toy
  6. Beads and Pattern Learning Card Set
  7. Gears Beginner's Building Set
  8. Jumbo Farm Animals 7 pc Figurines Playset
  9. Math Mat Challenge Electronic Game
  10. Lights & Action Gears Building Set
  11. Calculator Cash Register Electronic Learning Toy
  12. Zoomy Handheld Digital Microscope
  13. Geometric Shapes 3D Building Set
  14. ViewScope Preschool Kids Science Toy
  15. Simple Stopwatch for Kids
  16. Pretend & Play School Set
  17. Under the Sea Gears Building Set
  18. Doctor Set for Kids
  19. Magnetic Learning Calendar

    Magnetic Learning Calendar

    $19.97 Sale $17.97
  20. Rhyme & Sort Rockets Learning Toy
  21. Jumbo Zoo Animals 5 pc Wild Animal Figurines Set
  22. 1 to 10 Counting Cans Learning Toy
  23. Catch n View Bug Catching Net
  24. Cuisenaire Jr. Ants Early Math Activity Toy
  25. Primary Science Set for Kids
  26. Creative Color Cubes Spatial Thinking Learning Activity Set
  27. Word Building Reading Rods Phonics Activity Set
  28. Sum Swamp Addition & Subtraction Game
  29. Stacker Crackers Opposites Learning Game
  30. Pretend & Play Snack Shop Play Store Playset
  31. Color Mixing Glasses for Kids
  32. Gears Super Set 150 pc Building Toy
  33. Human Skeleton Floor Foam Puzzle
  34. Kids Safety Goggles - Primary Science Safety Glasses
  35. Color Mixing Preschool Science Kit
  36. Basic Vocabulary Photo Cards Learning Activity Set
  37. Let's Tackle Math Patterns & Sequences Learning Activity Set
  38. Pretend & Play Ice Cream Shop
  39. Backyard Exploration Big View Binoculars
  40. Primary Time Teacher Junior Learning Clock
  41. Mini Muffin Match up Math Learning Activity Set
  42. Simple Tape Measure for Kids
  43. Kids Lab Gear Pretend Science Play Set
  44. Froggy Feeding Fun Preschool Game
  45. Jumbo Forest Animals 5 pc Wild Animal Figurines Set
  46. Electronic Teaching Telephone
  47. Super Sorting Learning Activity Set
  48. School Quality Kids Stethoscope
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Items 1 - 48 of 77 total

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