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Toy Vehicles for 8 Years

37 items

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  1. Breyer Mobile Vet Clinic Vehicle Playset
  2. Solar Car Building Science Kit
  3. Magformers RC Cruisers 42 pc Magnetic Vehicles Building Set
  4. IO Blocks Vehicles 96 pc Deluxe Building Set
  5. Construct a Hot Rod Vehicle Building Set
  6. Techno Off-Road Kings Vehicle Building Set
  7. GeoSafari Solar Rover Solar Energy Science Toy
  8. Crash Test Lab Engineering Toy
  9. 3D Printing Pen Automotive Studio Kit
  10. Magformers RC Cruisers 52 pc Magnetic Vehicles Building Set
  11. Remote Control Machines Custom Cars Building Science Kit
  12. Car Designer Creativity Set & Book
  13. Race Car Wooden Building Kit
  14. Motorblox Vehicle Lab Build 3 Motorized Cars Kit
  15. Stanley Jr. Build a Bulldozer Woodcrafting Kit
  16. Remote Control Machines Construction Vehicles Building Science Kit
  17. Build a Pirate Ship Craft Kit
  18. Solar Boat Building Science Kit
  19. Build a Schooner Ship Craft Kit
  20. Electric Paper Plane Launcher Build & Play Kit
  21. Paper Planes Craft Kit
  22. Fold n Fly Paper Airplanes Craft Kit
  23. Ultralight Airplanes Gliders Building Science Kit
  24. Drop Zone Play Payload Target Drop Plane
  25. Solar Plane Mobile Green Science Kit
  26. 3D Printing Pen Aerodynamics Studio Kit
  27. RC Snap Rover Snap Circuit Vehicle

    RC Snap Rover Snap Circuit Vehicle

    $89.99 Sale $43.22
  28. GeoSmart RC Moon Lander Vehicle Magnetic Building Set
  29. GeoSmart RC Mars Explorer Vehicle Magnetic Building Set
  30. RC Monster Truck Techno Gears 80 pc Building Set
  31. Remote Control Machines Science Kit

    Remote Control Machines Science Kit

    $84.95 Sale $48.00
  32. Zoob Mobile RC Cruiser Power Designer 55 pc Building Set
  33. Deluxe Snap Rover Snap Circuit Vehicle

    Deluxe Snap Rover Snap Circuit Vehicle

    $89.99 Sale $79.18
  34. Slam Shot Foot Stomping Rocket
  35. Rocket Zoomer Foam Rocket Launcher Toy
  36. Giant Rocket Balloons 85 pc Set with Pump
  37. Cosmic Rocket Kids Science Kit

37 items

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If you are shopping for a child interested in cars, trucks and other things that go, then you have most certainly come to the right place! Our selection of toy vehicles truly reflects every taste. Do you like to play a construction site with heavy machinery? Are you fascinated by the mighty garbage or recycling trucks moving the rubbish from our towns and cities? Would you like to have your own toy tractor to help you at your pretend farm? How about speeding a toy racer as you compete with your sibling? And who doesn't like a cool toy boat to float in a kiddy pool? Whatever your choice of play vehicles is, you can find them all here, at Educational Toys Planet!