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Toy Vehicles for 2 Years

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  1. Vehicles Sound Block Wooden Toy
  2. Busy City Lacing and Puzzle Set
  3. Animal Safari Truck Shape Sorting Wooden Toy
  4. Vehicles Jumbo Knob Puzzle

    Vehicles Jumbo Knob Puzzle

    $19.99 Sale $14.99
  5. Maritime Mates Boat Parade Water Toy
  6. Sights & Sounds Railway Toddler Train Set
  7. Deluxe Jumbo Cardboard Blocks 40 pc Building Set
  8. Nesting & Sorting Buildings & Vehicles Wooden Play Set
  9. Construction Vehicles Chunky Puzzle
  10. Shape Sorting Dump Truck Wooden Toy
  11. Fire Truck Early Learning Toddler Electronic Toy
  12. John Deere Real Sounds Lawn Mower for Kids
  13. Nesting & Sorting Garage & Cars Learning Playset
  14. Choo Choo Loop Penguin Train Toddler Activity Toy
  15. Activity Toy Plane Light & Sound Playset for Toddlers
  16. Viking Toys Roadway Vehicles Play Mat Storage Bag 3 pcs Playset
  17. Vehicles Peg Fresh Start Wooden Puzzle
  18. Emergency Vehicles 9 pc Peg Puzzle
  19. Vehicles Magic Sound Blocks Matching Set
  20. Brio My First Railway Beginner Pack 18 pc Toddler Train Set
  21. Vehicles 8pc Wooden Sound Puzzle
  22. Tootle Turtle Toy Lawn Mower
  23. Recycling Truck Green Toys

    Recycling Truck Green Toys

    $27.99 Sale $21.35
  24. John Deere Farm Vehicles Toddler Playset
  25. Tomy Pirate Ship Toddler Bath Playset
  26. Toy 4 x 4 Vehicle Magnetic 9 pc Kit
  27. Rocket Magnetic Wooden Stacking Activity Toy
  28. Rescue Vehicles Tailgate Trio Playset
  29. Bruder Roadmax Toddler Garbage Truck
  30. John Deere Animal Sounds Hayride Toddler Farm Playset
  31. Little Red Rider Toddler Ride-on Toy Car
  32. Magnetic Boats in the Tub

    Magnetic Boats in the Tub

    $18.50 Sale $6.93
  33. Airplane Magnetic Wooden Toy
  34. Redmaster DIY Fire Truck Wooden Tools Play Set
  35. Vehicle Sound Puzzle

    Vehicle Sound Puzzle

    $12.99 Sale $9.52
  36. Construction Vehicles 9 pc Peg Puzzle
  37. Sort n Pop Farm Animals Sound Truck
  38. Brio Classic Figure 8 Set 22 pc Wooden Train Set
  39. Bruder Roadmax Toddler Backhoe Loader
  40. Emergency Vehicle Set 8 pc Wooden Toy
  41. Rockets 5 inch Play Ball for Kids
  42. Toy Fire Engine Truck

    Toy Fire Engine Truck

    $34.99 Sale $28.83
  43. My First Lights & Music RC Train Locomotive
  44. Anatex Traffic Jam Rollercoaster Table
  45. John Deere Spin Around the Farm Sound Toy
  46. Vehicles 7 inch Play Ball for Kids
  47. Rockets 7 inch Play Ball for Kids
  48. Brio Classic Deluxe 25 pc Wooden Train Set
  49. Smartmax Express Vehicles Magnetic Building Set
  50. B. WheeeeMote Control Toddler RC Car Set
  51. My First Railway Train Brio Magnetic Set
  52. Brio Light & Sound Fire Truck Toddler Vehicle Set
  53. Racetrack Wooden Ramp Racer for Toddlers
  54. Viking Toys First Vehicles 7 pc Toddler Gift Set
  55. Wooden Lacing Beads Vehicle Block Set
  56. Vehicles 10 pc Wooden Knob Puzzle
  57. Vehicle Puzzles 4 Wooden Puzzles Kit for 2-3 years
  58. Emergency Vehicles Peg Puzzle
  59. Chug along Steam Train RC Toddler Lights & Sounds Toy
  60. Dump Truck Early Learning Toddler Electronic Toy
  61. Balance Boat Wooden Stacking Play Set
  62. My First Lights & Music RC Car

62 items

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If you are shopping for a child interested in cars, trucks and other things that go, then you have most certainly come to the right place! Our selection of toy vehicles truly reflects every taste. Do you like to play a construction site with heavy machinery? Are you fascinated by the mighty garbage or recycling trucks moving the rubbish from our towns and cities? Would you like to have your own toy tractor to help you at your pretend farm? How about speeding a toy racer as you compete with your sibling? And who doesn't like a cool toy boat to float in a kiddy pool? Whatever your choice of play vehicles is, you can find them all here, at Educational Toys Planet!

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