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  1. Hot Dots Jr. Succeeding in School with Hightlights 160 Interactive Lessons & Owl Pen Set
  2. KidzLabs Weather Lab Combo Science Kit
  3. The Magic School Bus Shaped Science Kit - Weather Lab
  4. First Grade Super Scholar 128 Pages Workbook
  5. Big 320 Pages Kids Workbook - 2nd Grade
  6. Wacky Weird Weather Science Kit
  7. Forensic Science for Spies Detective Activity Kit
  8. /
  9. Active Detective Forensic Science Kit
  10. Master Detective Toolkit Forensic Science Kit
  11. Crime Solver Scope & Forensic Activity Journal Science Kit
  12. Build Metal Detector Kids Science Kit
  13. Kids Deluxe Crime Scene Detective Lab
  14. Super Sleuth Kit - Spy Set for Kids
  15. Forensics Fingerprint Lab Science Kit
  16. Food Science Clifford the Big Red Dog Preschool Science Kit
  17. Kitchen Science Clifford the Big Red Dog Preschool Science Kit
  18. Chocolate Science Lab Food Science Kit
  19. Chewing Gum Lab Food Science Kit
  20. Gummy Candy Lab Food Science Kit
  21. Enviro Battery Green Energy Science Kit
  22. Potato Clock Science Experiment Kit
  23. Lemon Clock Science Party Favor
  24. Tasty Science - Food Science Kit
  25. Bubble Gum Factory Science Kit
  26. Ice Cream Making Food Science Kit
  27. Soda Pop Food Science Kit

    Soda Pop Food Science Kit

    $19.99 Sale $12.62
  28. Kitchen Science Kids Lab

    Kitchen Science Kids Lab

    $12.99 Sale $4.79
  29. Tin Can Calculator Green Science Kit
  30. Recycled Paper Beads Craft Kit
  31. Windmill Generator Green Science Kit
  32. Water Cleaning Science Kit
  33. Solar Power Science Kit

    Solar Power Science Kit

    $49.95 Sale $16.66
  34. Wind Power Energy Science Kit
  35. Power House Sustainable Living Science Kit
  36. Hydropower Energy Science Kit
  37. Girls All Natural Spa Lab Science Kit
  38. Perfume Science Deluxe Science Kit for Girls
  39. Spa'mazing Girls Spa Science Kit
  40. Ultimate Spa'mazing Girls Spa Science Kit
  41. Perfumery Girls Science Kit

    Perfumery Girls Science Kit

    $26.99 Sale $6.99
  42. Creative Cosmetics Lab Skin Care Science Kit
  43. DIY Bath Bombs Girls Spa Craft Kit
  44. DIY Bath Bomb Donuts Girls Spa Craft Kit
  45. Smart Phone Kids Science Lab

    Smart Phone Kids Science Lab

    $19.99 Sale $11.44
  46. Poppin' Pictures Coding Pattern 197 pc STEM Activity Set
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Items 321 - 366 of 366 total

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For kids, everyday is filled with new adventures. Why shouldn't those adventures include learning? Science toys, games, and science kits make learning exciting. Children explore the world around them, learning about the geography, physics, chemistry, biology, astronomy and other field of science in ways to keep them engaged.Toys that teach the fundamentals of science to kids provide a firm foundation for children to expand their knowledge and interest in areas that will positively enhance their future. With our unique selection you will explore the wonder of the sky and the universe with your child as they learn about space, planets and stars. Our products will keep your young scientist intrigued as they build valuable skills and have fun doing it!