Science Kits For 7 Year Olds

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  1. The Human Body Science Kit

    The Human Body Science Kit

    $39.97 Sale $34.97
  2. Physics Little Labs Science Kit
  3. Science or Magic Physics Tricks Science Kit
  4. Science Experiments in the Tub Science Kit
  5. Water Kids Science Kit
  6. Stepping into Science - Beginners Science Kit
  7. Intro to Engineering Science Kit
  8. Mineral Discovery Rock Science Kit
  9. Botany Greenhouse Kids Science Kit
  10. Dinosaur Fossils Dino Skeleton Digging Kit

10 items

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Science Kits are a great present for 7 year olds. Science Kits will certainly keep the little one smiling! For a kid there isnt a more great time than playing. Educational Toys Planet has superior Science Kits for 7 year Olds from top toys makers. A lot of the products Educational Toys Planet stocks in our warehouse are regarded with many honors by prestigious industry as well as consumers organizations for higher quality unique style and attention to safety. A 100% of our Science Kits for 7 year Olds surpass North American toy safety requirements. All of our child-friendly Science Kits for 7 year Olds not only will deliver a great deal of entertainment but in addition they will inspire important learning abilities for the kids. And this is truly what we want do: enjoy playing and at the same time educate yourself. Which matches our philosophy: allow the kids to learn while they are having fun.