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Role Playing for 9 Years

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  1. Jumbo Test Tubes with Stand

    Jumbo Test Tubes with Stand

    $15.99 Sale $13.49
  2. Kids Archaeology Kit - Egyptian Pyramid Dig - New Edition
  3. Kids LED Headlamp Outdoor Toy
  4. Children Binoculars
  5. Binoculars & Wildlife Activity Journal Science Set
  6. Backyard Safari Field Binocs
  7. Backyard Safari Campfire LED Mini Lantern
  8. Kids Outdoor LED Lantern

    Kids Outdoor LED Lantern

    $11.99 Sale $9.99
  9. Kids Outdoor Nite Hiker LED Headlamp
  10. Kids Outdoor 4x30 Binoculars
  11. Backyard Safari Adventures Flashlight
  12. Classic Juggling Balls

    Classic Juggling Balls

    $8.99 Sale $7.99
  13. KidzLabs Showtime Science Magic Combo Science Kit
  14. Discovery Magic Set for Kids

    Discovery Magic Set for Kids

    $19.99 Sale $12.65
  15. Silver Edition 100 Tricks Magic Kit
  16. Spectacular Magic Suitcase 100 Tricks Deluxe Magic Kit
  17. Spectacular Magic Show 100 Tricks Magic Kit
  18. Magic Hat 75 Tricks Kids Magic Set
  19. Juggling Balls 3 pc Velvet Set - Blue
  20. Gold Edition 150 Tricks Magic Kit
  21. World's Greatest Magic Show 415 Tricks Magic Kit
  22. Juggling Balls 3 pc Set
  23. Classic Magic Show 40 Tricks Magic Kit
  24. Play Money Set - Deluxe

    Play Money Set - Deluxe

    $19.99 Sale $17.51
  25. Rearview Spy Glasses for Children
  26. Forensics Fingerprint Lab Science Kit
  27. Super Sleuth Kit - Spy Set for Kids
  28. Spy Case - Kids Cool Spy Gear
  29. Sonic Sleuth Kids Spy Gear

    Sonic Sleuth Kids Spy Gear

  30. Secret Decoder Deluxe Activity Set
  31. Room Alarm Lab Science Kit
  32. Night Vision Goggles with Listening Device Spy Gear Set
  33. Kids Deluxe Crime Scene Detective Lab
  34. Voice Changer for Kids

    Voice Changer for Kids

    $21.34 Sale $9.74
  35. Crime Solver Scope & Forensic Activity Journal Science Kit
  36. Master Detective Toolkit Forensic Science Kit
  37. Active Detective Forensic Science Kit
  38. Voice Changer 5 Inches Toy
  39. /
  40. Forensic Science for Spies Detective Activity Kit
  41. Build a Pirate Ship Craft Kit
  42. Toy Pirate Ship Playset

    Toy Pirate Ship Playset

    $29.99 Sale $26.59
  43. Rock Tumbler for Kids

    Rock Tumbler for Kids

    $57.99 Sale $42.15
  44. Backyard Safari Kids Explorer Cargo Vest
  45. Backyard Safari Kids Safari Hat

45 items

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Childhood is a time of wonder. It’s a time when anything is possible. A child playing make-believe can be a pirate, a princess, a detective, a builder, a knight, a doctor, a captain, a magician, a pop star, a superhero, a chef or just anything he/she can pretend play. Help your child make the most of their imagination with our delightful toys from Role Playing section. Employing dolls, toy animals, play figurines, dress up accessories and more, your child can pretend to be the imaginary character they dream of or use their dramatic nature to act out the profession they may one day choose. Educational Toys Planet’s imaginative role playing toys and sets also teach important lessons from learning to dress to social interaction. Help your child see the world with imagination and creativity and believe yourself. Anything really is possible.