Randomizers for PowerPoint – problems solved!

You would like to randomize the slides in the PowerPoint presentations that you are showing to your kid? There are a few options.

Matt Hudson’s randomizer

It can be used to randomize any presentation that you already have. In addition to randomizing, you can create initial steps for the Glen Doman Dot Method for teaching math.

Download Matt Hudson’s randomizer

Tip: to randomize your file, you have to have even number of slides. So, if you download the slides with a title page (i.e. odd number of slides), you can delete the slide with the title (the baby doesn’t need it anyway! I like titles only because they make the printed out version of the book look nicer). I actually prefer to insert a new page (go to Insert=>New Slide; or use the shortcut: Ctrl-M) and to write the title of this presentation in large, clear, red letters, without distracting pictures. Just as another word, that baby can learn!

Some of us experienced trouble adding this plugin into some versions of PowerPoint. Solution turned out to be really easy: just follow the directions below!

1. Go to Tools => Options => Security => click on a button that says “Macro Security”
2. Select “Medium” security option.
3. press “OK”

Now add the macro:
1. Unzip the files to C:/Doman
2. Tools => Add ins => Add New=> select the file from C:/Doman
3. A message will appear that says something like “this file contains macros. Do you want enable or disable them?”. Click “ENABLE”.
4. macro will appear in the list, so just make sure it has a checkbox next to it and click ok.
5. close PowerPoint and open it again.

Enjoy! Let me know if you need more directions; I can make some screenshots and post it.

Randomizer built into a presentations

If you would like to create your own presentations that already have randomizer built into them, then you would find the templates created by “palmchristy” very and very useful. By using “Slide Show” “Custom Slide Show”, you can select any of the three random slide show methods below, each with 5 different sequence:
– Both Word and Picture
– Word only
– Picture only

  • Template for creating single language slides. Includes randomizer (for 10 days): directions on how to modify it are written in English
  • Template for creating single language slides. Includes randomizer (for 10 days): directions on how to modify it are written in Spanish
  • Template for creating multilingual slides. Includes randomizer (for 10 days). Thanks to Isa for sharing this amazing template and directions:

    This template has the “palmchristy” randomizing table at the beginning and allows you to choose 30 different sequences (10 days x 3 sessions) but has been modified by me to allow bilingual powerpoints (word 1st language, word 2nd language, image etc.).

    You put the describing words on the slides 1,4,7,10 etc. in the first language and also in the second language on slides 2,5,8,11 etc. (slides 3,6,9,12 are for the image) and then you can choose from the randomizing table (10 days with 3 different sessions each) at the beginning if you want to run the slide show in 1st language or 2nd. language.

    I use it for German & Spanish (and later on will introduce English as well) but I make sure that between showing the powerpoint in German and than in Spanish is a time difference of at least 2 weeks (but that´s my personal opinon).

  1. Dear Alenka,

    I am trying to understand custom slide shows, and found an explanation of what a “hyperlink” is here:

    And have realized that the hyperlinks are NOT working in either of the palmchristy templates.

    This explains part of the problem. I will post more as I figure it out.

    – Ayesha

  2. I am confused – on the first slide, the numbers that are underlined, 1-1, 1-2, 1-3, etc; are these supposed to be hyperlinks?


  3. Dear Alenka,

    Please bear with me on this because I am new to the “palmchristy” template. Please help me solve the following issues:

    In the single language template, the words/text on Slide 1 are in Spanish with English explanations at the end of the .ppt, with Spanish headers; AND the random slide show menu/first page and hyperlinks? (slideshow > custom slide show > different choices = are those hyperlinks?) DO correspond with one another so I somewhat understand it.

    Template for creating single language slides. Includes randomizer (for 10 days).

    However, in the “Template for creating multilingual slides. Includes randomizer (for 10 days). Thanks to Isa for sharing this amazing template and directions” – the first page/slide entitled “random slide show menu” has “1-1” or “1-2”, etc. that DO NOT correspond with the choices given in “slideshow > custom shows”.

    Please help me to understand HOW to use the random slide show menu (first slide of the template) and the choices given in “slideshow > custom shows” for at least the single language template, and then we will focus on the multi-lingual template inconsistencies next.


  4. Dear Alenka,

    Also – I was also confused by the word “randomizer” used in the title of the palmchristy templates – because I thought it was the same as the Matt Hudson randomizer – and apparently they are two different features.

    Deep sigh.

  5. Dear Alenka,

    Okay – NOW I get it! The hyperlinks do work.

    The instructions that are above “choose slideshow > custom shows > and I guess you select one of the options in the dialog box” are not the way to use the slideshow.

    Isa asked me to open her multi-lingual slideshow and hit the “F5” button and then when the first side/menu is shown, you select one of the underlined numbers (1-1, 1-2, 1-3, etc.) and then the random slide show begins! That is how it works! – I believe.

    This is an essential detail that needs to included in the instructions that I have not seen – and perhaps I have overlooked it – please forgive me if that is the case.

    Relieved to now understand!
    – Ayesha 🙂

  6. Ayesha, I am very happy to see that you figured it out! Your description is exactly correct. I’ll include it in the article for everyone’s benefit.