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  2. Music Motion Quadrilla 97 pc Musical Wooden Marble Run
  3. Loop de Loop Quadrilla 129 pc Wooden Marble Run
  4. Autobahn Quadrilla 175 pc Wooden Marble Run
  5. The Cyclone Quadrilla 198 pc Wooden Marble Run
  6. The Roundabout Quadrilla 91 pc Wooden Marble Run
  7. Space City Quadrilla 176 pc Wooden Marble Run
  8. Whirlpool Quadrilla 106 pc Wooden Marble Run
  9. The Challenger Quadrilla 147 pc Wooden Marble Run

    The Challenger Quadrilla 147 pc Wooden Marble Run

    $199.97 Sale $164.97
  10. Vertigo Quadrilla 134 pc Wooden Marble Run
  11. Xcellerator Quadrilla 136 pc Wooden Marble Run
  12. Quadrilla Marble Catchers 2 Wooden Trays Set
  13. Quadrilla Marble Racers 50 Marbles in a Bag Set

13 items

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Quadrilla, one of Hape's toy brands, offers innovative wooden marble runs that take children construction to a whole new level. Crafted to precision from best quality birch and rubber wood, the building parts of Quadrilla marble rollercoasters fit together perfectly to provide the challenging and fun building opportunity for the kids. Quadrilla marble runs promote spatial reasoning, experimental skills, and understanding principles of physics in the most fun way - creative play. All Quadrilla from Educational Toys Planet meet or exceed the US safety standards.