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  1. Princess Palace 32 pc Jigsaw Puzzle in Shaped Gift Box
  2. Princesses of the World 48 pc Giant Floor Puzzle
  3. Little Princess Castle 24 pc Puzzle in in Shaped Gift Box
  4. Daisy Girls Princesses Magnetic Wooden Dress-Up Dolls
  5. etp-ex-B07MFMJX59
  6. Melissa Doug Princess Dressup Wooden Chunky Puzzle 11
  7. Melissa Doug Natural Play Wooden Puzzle Little Princesses Four 4Piece Princess Puzzles Great Gift
  8. Crocodile Creek Little Princess Double Fun 48 Piece Jigsaw Puzzle In Purse Shaped
  9. Melissa Doug Princesses Peekthrough Pattern Wooden Puzzle 8
  10. Mudpuppy Princess Castle Jumbo Puzzle 25
  11. Mudpuppy Princess Castle Pouch Puzzle 12 Extra Thick Colorful Pieces 14x11 Great Age 24 Perfect For
  12. Janod Hat Box Puzzle Princess And The
  13. etp-ex-B07X3QDYML
  14. Cubicfun 3D Kids Puzzle Princess Doll House Gift For Women Secret Garden 5 Girl
  15. Ravensburger 3 Pretty Princesses My First Frame 15 Piece Puzzle Jigsaw Every Is Unique
  16. Janod Magnetibook 56 Pc Magnetic Princess Costumes Dress Up Game For Imagination Play Book Shaped
  17. Ensky Sailor Moon Crystal Pretty Guardian Princess Serenity Jigsaw Puzzle 1000
  18. Ensky Princess Mononoke God Of The Forest Jigsaw Puzzle 352
  19. Artifact Puzzles Sleeping Princess Wooden Jigsaw
  20. Ravensburger Princesse Raiponce Jigsaw Puzzle 3 x 49

20 items

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Which toys can give children a real sense of accomplishment? Puzzles do more than entice with their bright colors and interesting shapes. Finding the right place for each piece exercises hand-eye coordination and improves motor skills and develops shape recognition. Children also learn as they work. Look at a math puzzle for example. Put pieces together and your math problem is solved! What better way to familiarize a child with the alphabet or US geography than to let her feel and examine every letter, or each state? Puzzles designed for very young children can teach about animals, motor vehicles, or even the human body. As children grow, their puzzles become more complex, so a dinosaur fan can learn about specific meat-eaters and butterfly lovers can see how species vary by piecing together the big picture. Educational Toys Planet is the place to buy puzzles!

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