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  1. Dinosaur Puzzle 3D Wood Jigsaw For Toddlers Kids Age 3 11x 11 x 5 Bright Colorful Shape Sorting
  2. Jamohom Wooden 26 Letters Puzzles Educational Toys Baby Learning Uppercase Alphabet Jigsaw Game For
  3. Buself Wooden Tetris Puzzle Brain Teasers Game And Intelligence Toy With 40Pcs Vivid Color
  4. Speed Cube Set Integear Magic Bundle 2x2 3x3 Pyramid And Skewb With A Bonus Snake
  5. Robud Wooden Jigsaw Puzzles Ages 3 Activity Board 24 Pcs Each In 1
  6. Timy Wooden Alphabet Puzzle And Number Set For Toddlers Abc
  7. Gemem 3 In 1 Wooden Tetris Puzzle Brain Teasers Toy Tangram Jigsaw Intelligence Colorful Wood 3D
  8. Coogam Gans 356 Air Sm Speed Cube 3x3 Black Gan 356Air S Magnetic Puzzle Gan356 With New Ges
  9. Petit Collage Floor Puzzle Fairy
  10. Wooden Jigsaw Puzzles Age 25 Animals Preschool For Toddler Children Learning Educational
  11. Coogam Gans 354 M Speed Cube Stickerless 3x3 Gan354 Magnetic Puzzle Speedcube With Extra Blue
  12. Ixun Speed Cube Set Magic Stickerless Puzzle Bundle Pack Of 2x2x2 3x3x3 4x4x4
  13. Coogam Gan 356 Air Master Speed Cube 3x3 Black Gans Puzzle With Ipg V5
  14. Speed Cube Set 3x3x3 56Mm Professional Magic Iq Games For All Age Kids 6
  15. Nontoxic Play Mat Toddlers Childrens Infants Interlocking Foam Puzzle Thickest Baby For
  16. Dfantix Gan 354 M 3x3 Speed Cube Stickerless 354M Gans Magnetic Puzzle
  17. Speed Cube Set Aitey Magic Bundle 2x2 3x3 4x4 Pyramid Megaminx Mirror Ivy Windmill Stickerless
  18. etp-ex-B07NBSCVBP
  19. Dfantix Moyu Weilong Gts V2 3x3 Speed Cube Gts2 3x3x3 Magic Puzzle
  20. Coogam Moyu Weilong Gts3 M Speed Cube Gts V3 Magnetic 3x3 Magic 3 Puzzle 3M
  21. Dinosaur Egg Jigsaw Puzzle Party Favors Toys For Boys Girls Number Animal Count To 100 Game
  22. Full Size 33 Cube Set Puzzle Party Toy Stickerless Antipop Magic Speed 3x3x3 Easy Turning And
  23. Dfantix Shengshou 2x2 Megaminx Speed Cube Kilominx Dodecahedron Puzzle Cubes
  24. Little Wigwam Flags And Capitals
  25. Cozybomb Wooden Alphabet Abc Baby Puzzle For Toddlers 2 3 Years Alphabets Name Puzzles Set Letter
  26. Coogam Qiyi Valk 3 Power Magnetic Speed Cube 3x3 Stickerless The Valk3 M Puzzle
  27. Halftoys My Cute And Crafty Pet Dinosaur Trex Craft Magnet Puzzle Play
  28. Gybbermumu 7 Piece Colorful Wooden Tangram Puzzle Set
  29. Spongebob Squarepants 100 Piece Jigsaw Puzzle Assorted Styles 1
  30. cube Qiyi 5x5 Qizheng S 5x5x5 Speed Stickerless Puzzle Cubeqizheng
  31. Wondertoys Wooden Alphabet And Number Puzzles Letter Matching Games For 3 Years Old Preschool
  32. Banana Magic Speed Cube 2x3 Stickerless Birthday For Kid Adult Puzzle Toy Anti Stress
  33. Speed Cube Bundle Aitbay Magic Set 2x2 3x3 Stickerless Sticker Speedcubing Smooth Puzzle
  34. Big Mos Toys Fidget Toy Anxiety And Stress Reliever For Children With Autism Adhd 4
  35. Dfantix Qiyi Valk 3 Speed Cube 3x3 Stickerless The Valk3 Magic 3x3x3 Puzzle
  36. Wooden Pattern Blocks Jigsaw Puzzle Animal Geometric Shapes Stem Stacking Games Montessori Early
  37. Dfantix Gan 356 xs 3x3 Speed Cube 356xs 3x3x3 Magnetic Gms V2 System Puzzle
  38. Eastern


  39. Towo Wooden Colour Sorting Toy Puzzle Game Brain Teaser Iq For 3 s
  40. Wooden Tetris Puzzle Toys 3D Animal Set Colorful Learning Educational Blocks Stack Shapes Brain
  41. Greyhound 300 Piece Jigsaw
  42. Wincraft St Louis Blues Official Nhl 11 Inch x 17 150Pc Jigsaw Puzzle
  43. 6 Pack Puzzles Wooden Toys For Age 35 16 Pieces Animals Vehicle Roket Kids Educational
  44. Kangler Wooden Jigsaw Puzzles Set Age 36 20 Piece Animals Colorful For Toddler
  45. Zoostliss Wooden Tetris Puzzle Brain Teasers Toy Tangram Jigsaw Intelligence Colorful 3D Russian
  46. Hjxd Globle Magic Snake Twist Puzzle Twisty Toy Collection 36 Wedges Ruler
  47. Sunway 3x3x3 Twisty Skewb Cube 3x3 Fisher Puzzle Stickerless Speed
  48. Djeco 12 Duo Puzzles Animals And
  49. Dfantix Gan 356 x Magnetic Speed Cube 3x3 356x 3x3x3 Puzzle Toy Numerical Ipg
  50. Star Wars Potf2 Power Of The Force Freeze Frame Darth Vader W Removable Helmet And
  51. Professor Poplars Wooden Barnyard Peg Puzzle 8Pcs Wood Learning Puzzles For Toddlers And Kids
  52. Douyye 26 Pcs Wooden Letters And Numbers Jigsaw PuzzlesInteractive Educational Children Learning
  53. Roxenda Speed Cube Set Magic Of 2x2x2 3x3x3 Smooth Puzzle Transparent
  54. Liangcuber Moyu Meilong Stickerless Speed Cube Set Speedcubing Bundle 2x2 3x3 4x4 5x5
  55. Monkey Pod Games Diamond
  56. Prow Colourful Woodmade Snail Shape Alphabet Numbers Puzzle Safety Toy Preschool Children Boys
  57. Queena Kids Wooden Building Jigsaw Puzzle 26 English Alphanumeric Numbers Children Educational
  58. Superhero Maze
  59. Gut Bustin Games 1013 Trailer Park Wars Blue
  60. Hanayama Helix
  61. Stages Learning Real Picture Sea Life Wooden Cube Language Builder Preschool Puzzle 12
  62. Puzzle With Me Pretty Kitty
  63. Cubelelo Mofang Jiaoshi Mf5S 5x5 Black Speed Cube Magic Puzzle
  64. Moruska Qiyi 2x2 Speed Cube Stickerless 2x2x2 Puzzle Toy Adults Qidi S
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Items 705 - 768 of 4196 total

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Which toys can give children a real sense of accomplishment? Puzzles do more than entice with their bright colors and interesting shapes. Finding the right place for each piece exercises hand-eye coordination and improves motor skills and develops shape recognition. Children also learn as they work. Look at a math puzzle for example. Put pieces together and your math problem is solved! What better way to familiarize a child with the alphabet or US geography than to let her feel and examine every letter, or each state? Puzzles designed for very young children can teach about animals, motor vehicles, or even the human body. As children grow, their puzzles become more complex, so a dinosaur fan can learn about specific meat-eaters and butterfly lovers can see how species vary by piecing together the big picture. Educational Toys Planet is the place to buy puzzles!

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