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Puzzles for 7 year olds

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  1. Marvel Professor X And Apocalypse Chess Piece With Collector
  2. Airfly 3D Puzzle And Play Set Toys For Adults And Children Apollo Lunar
  3. Umbum Innovative 3Dpuzzles Dungeon Walls On Stands 90 Pcs Clever Paper
  4. Project Genius Mk1102 Uwe Mefferts Pocket Cube Brain Teaser Puzzle
  5. Metallica Jigsaw Puzzle Ride The Lightning Album Cover Official 500
  6. Umbum Innovative 3D Puzzle Notre Dame De Paris Cathedral France Clever Paper
  7. etp-ex-B00MPLL9MA
  8. Innovative 3Dpuzzles The Steamboat Wild West Series By Clever Paper
  9. Wood Puzzle 500 Piece Jigsaw Puzzle For Adult And Kids American University Football Team Puzzle
  10. Roman Bricks True Genius Disassembly Puzzle Brain Teasers Adult
  11. Aquarius Elvis Jailhouse Rock Slim Jigsaw Puzzle
  12. Metallica Jigsaw Puzzle Master Of Puppets Album Cover Official 500
  13. Ensky Jigsaw Puzzle 1000368 Japanese Anime One Piece 1000
  14. Rc 3D Estadio Azteca America 156
  15. Schmidt Childrens Fairy Dance Puzzle
  16. etp-ex-B01E1PHML4
  17. Pkr Corporation Anipuzzle Nanook Polar Bear Difficulty 7 Of
  18. Lo Shu Square Number Puzzle For Adults By True Genius Solid Wood Brain Teaser For Math And Stem
  19. Umbum Innovative 3Dpuzzles Cathedral Of Christ The Saviour Moscow Russa Clever Paper
  20. Project Genius Interstellar Puzzles Asteroid
  21. Jean Claude Constantin Pento
  22. 4D Cityscape Mini Puzzle 174 Piece
  23. etp-ex-B01JO7KAWW
  24. Pure Genius Stumped Brainteaser
  25. Intellectual Property Ip Labyrinth Brainteaser
  26. etp-ex-B00I09TNZQ
  27. Childrens Literary Series Puzzles Wizard Of Oz Brain Teaser
  28. Crystal 3D Puzzle Disney Donald
  29. etp-ex-B00MQ6DCT2
  30. etp-ex-B00MTZGNKU
  31. Japanese Puzzle Box 21Steps 5Sun
  32. etp-ex-B00MS51CCK
  33. Jean Claude Constantin
  34. etp-ex-B01JO7K1US
  35. Aquarius Fender Stratocaster 2 Sided Shaped
  36. Tangoes Brainiac Tangram Travel Game With Portable Case Featuring 100 Challenges For Ages 7
  37. Didax Educational Resources Pattern Block Sudoku
  38. etp-ex-B01D35C5QU
  39. Smartgames Back 2
  40. Gear Cube Xxl By Mefferts Novelty Gifts Twisty Puzzle Brain Teasers 3X3 Speed
  41. Paul Lamond Wembley 3D Stadium
  42. etp-ex-B01E16RSCQ
  43. Umbum Innovative 3Dpuzzles Dungeon Basic Set 156 Pcs 15 15 2 Clever Paper
  44. Icosoku Brainteaser Puzzle 3D Puzzle Block
  45. 4D Cityscape 4D Budapest Time Puzzle 800
  46. Nanostad Real Madrid Santiago Bernabeu Stadium 3D
  47. Speed Cube 3X3X3 Music Notes Design Magic Cube PuzzleIq Games Puzzles Relief Effec Gift Music
  48. Project Genius Jc005 Brain Teaser Puzzle
  49. Crystal Gallery Hanayama Disney Brown Chip N Dale 3D Puzzle 46
  50. Puzzle Pod Cryptex Brain Teaser Coin
  51. Project Genius Interstellar Comet Brainteaser
  52. University Games Rubiks Cage Game Headtohead Brain Teaser Strategy Game Based On The Rubiks Cube
  53. Educational Insights Kanoodle Gravity Brain Bending Puzzle Game Teens Adults 1 Or 2
  54. New York Puzzle Company New Yorker Tropical Holiday 500 Piece Jigsaw
  55. Hanayama Disney Crystal Gallery Hawaiian Blue Stitch 3D Puzzle 43
  56. Japanese Puzzle Box 21Steps Kaminarifuji And
  57. 4D Cityscape Seattle Time Puzzle 1100
  58. Chroma Cube Logic Game With 25 Puzzles For Adults Iq Game Award Winning Brain
  59. Royal Image Beach Toys 2 Jumbo Wooden Handle
  60. etp-ex-B01DTD03Y2
  61. Gear Ball By Mefferts Speed Cube 3X3 Speed Cube Oneplayer Games Brain
  62. All4Lessshop 3D Wooden Puzzle Dragon Boat Affordable Gift For Your Little One Item
  63. Mission Impossible Packing
  64. Umbum Innovative 3D Puzzle Ancient Ships Caravel By Clever Paper 390 50
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Items 1 - 64 of 69 total

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The older children get the more sophisticated their playthings get. Puzzles for 7 year olds contain more puzzle pieces, take more time to assemble, present more complex problem solving. Educational Toys Planet collection of puzzles for 7 year olds include 3D puzzles and brainteasers, puzzle games and crafts, jigsaw and electronic sound puzzles. These puzzles for 7 year olds will help your child to grow, boost his/her thinking skills, knowledge of geography, science, math, language and social studies. Our puzzles for 7 year olds will enhance not only your kids learning abilities, but their self-esteem as well. A cool looking finished puzzle is a true reward for a child who needs to believe in himself!