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Puzzles for 6 Year Olds by Ravensburger

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  1. Twisted Nails Metal Puzzle Bundle Of 4 Identical
  2. Goodplay Heshu Super Big Size 18Cm 3X3X3 Colorful Stickerless Speed Puzzle Magic
  3. Remarks Harry Potter 100Pc Puzzle Cube
  4. Cobble Hill Apples And Oranges 500 Piece Jigsaw
  5. The Learning Journey Puzzle Doubles Giant Backyard
  6. Euclidean Cube Star Cube Magic Cube Set 2 Piece Transforming Cubes Magic Puzzle
  7. Grateful House Premium Wool Blend Roll Up Puzzle Mats For Jigsaw Puzzles Wool Felt Lays Perfectly
  8. Bgraamiens Puzzlethe Rose 1000 Pieces Pink Rose Fashion Challenge Blue Board Jigsaw
  9. Party Favors Puzzle Packs 12 Pack Mini Tray Puzzles For Toddler Ages 35 Vegetables Themes With
  10. 4 Factory Sealed The Lion King 48 Piece Jigsaw Puzzles Ages 6 9 X
  11. Small World Toys Ryans Room Wooden Puzzle Classic
  12. Zest Wood Building Blocks Rainbow Stacking Game For Childen Increase Creativity Kids Toys
  13. Creatology 3D Wooden Puzzle Great White Shark 2 Sheets 2
  14. Ravensburger Junior Mermaid 24 Piece Jigsaw Puzzle Every Piece Is Unique Pieces Fit Together
  15. Runsong Creative 3D Puzzle Paper Model Sydney Opera House Diy Fun Educational Toys World Great
  16. Sequin Art Red Foal Sparkling Arts And Crafts Picture Kit Creative Crafts For Adults And
  17. Melissa Doug Pirates Bounty Jumbo Jigsaw Floor Puzzle 100 Pcs 2 X 3
  18. Melissa Doug Barnyard Jigsaw Puzzle
  19. 9 Piece Kumkum Puzzle Mini Howls Moving Castle Mosquitoes
  20. Cubicfun Cubic Fun 3D Puzzle Model 35Pcs Korean Thatched
  21. Kakatimes Speed Cube Iq Tester Magic Cube 3X3X3 Antistress For Antianxiety Adults Kits High Speed
  22. Magic Star CubeShonco 2 In 1 Combo Infinity Cube Toy Transforming Geometric Puzzle 3D Assembly
  23. Grateful House Premium Wool Blend Roll Up Puzzle Mats For Jigsaw Puzzles Wool Felt Lays Perfectly
  24. Dfantix Shengshou Mirror Cube Set 2X2 3X3 Mirror Blocks 2X2X2 3X3X3 Speed Cube Bundle Irregular
  25. Melissa Doug Ocean Wonders Jumbo Jigsaw Floor Puzzle 48 Pcs Over 4 Feet
  26. Serendipity Puzzle Company Full Of Hot Air 1000 Piece Jigsaw
  27. Runsong Creative 3D Puzzle Paper Model Empire State Building Diy Fun Educational Toys World Great
  28. Pintoo K1023 Smart Happy Reading 80 Piece Plastic Flowerpot
  29. Puzzles Crystal Gallery Petit Friends Stitch
  30. Cubicfun 3D Puzzle Sseries Notre Dame De Paris
  31. 40 Piece 3D Crystal Puzzle Mount
  32. Eurographics Eurhr Backyard Fun Dog By Gary Patterson 300Piece Puzzle 300Piece Jigsaw
  33. Trefl Frame Disney Sofia The First Teatime Puzzle 15
  34. Fat Brain Toys Jixelz 1500 Pc Set Under The Sea Arts Crafts For Ages 6 To
  35. Fat Brain Toys Jixelz 1500 Pc Set Up In The Air Arts Crafts For Ages 6 To
  36. Melissa Doug Farm Number Floor Puzzle Easyclean Surface Promotes Handeye Coordination 24 Pieces 36
  37. Gan 356 X 3X3 Magnetic Speed Cube 356X Magic Cubestickerless Ipg V5 Ges
  38. Ravensburger Disney Planes Invincible Planes 100 Piece Jigsaw Puzzle Every Piece Is Unique Pieces
  39. Pirate Ship Educational 3D Puzzle Diy
  40. Ravensburger City Streets Floor Jigsaw Puzzle
  41. Fangshi Limcube Dual 3X3X3 Cube Professional Twist Cube Puzzles Iq Challenge Brainteaser Puzzle
  42. Cacusn Speed Cube 3X3 Antipop Structure And Tension Adjustable 3X3 Stickers Puzzle Cube With Cube
  43. Cubicfun C065H Dubai Burj Al Arab Worlds Great Architectures 3D Puzzle 46
  44. Peaceable Kingdom Shimmery Unicorn Floor Puzzle 1
  45. Britto Jigsaw Puzzle
  46. Artkal Assorted 4Pcsset Of Ukenn 3D Dinosaur Puzzles Block Diy Dino Egg Kids Educational Toy
  47. Gan 356I Play Stickerless 3X3 Smart Cube Intelligent Tracking Timing Movement Step Speed Cube
  48. Speed Cube Easy Turning And Smooth Play Superdurable With Vivid Colors 3X3 Cubeturns Quicker And
  49. Gan 356 Air 3X3 Speed Cube Gans Puzzle Magic Cube Black Ver
  50. Masterpieces Farm Friends Shaped 100 Piece Kids
  51. Petit Collage Floor Puzzle Ocean Life Friends 24
  52. Springbok Star Trek Journey To The Undiscovered Country 1000 Piece
  53. Under The Sea 100Piece Floor
  54. Disney Princess 46 Piece Floor
  55. Assorted 4Pcsset Of North American Animal Puzzles Toys For Toddlers Moose Bear Eagle Wolf Models
  56. The Learning Journey Jumbo Floor Puzzles Dinosaurs Extra Large Puzzle Measures 3 Ft By
  57. Masterpieces Velvet Coloring Of Puppy And Kitty 60 Piece Kids
  58. Funrarity Lovely Flower Potsplanters Container For Succulents Plantsself Assembly 3D Wooden Puzzle
  59. Volksrose 3D Wooden Cube Brain Teaser Puzzle 9 Pcs Iq Puzzles Great Educational Intelligence Jigsaw
  60. Cobble Hill Solstice Gathering Puzzle 1000
  61. Ravensburger 12197 Trolls 3D Jigsaw Puzzle 72
  62. Bundle Of Scramble Squares B Dazzle Brain Teaser Puzzles For Adultsteenskids 3 Puzzles Included
  63. Goodplay Yuxin Little Magic 3X3 Speed Cube Yuxin 3X3X3 Magic Cube Brain Training Toy Stickerless
  64. Succulents Rosette Puzzle 300
  65. Agreatlife The Cube Turns Quicker And More Precise Than Original Superdurable With Vivid Colors 3X3
  66. Kingzhuo Hexagon Tangram Classic Chinese Handmade Wooden Puzzle For Children And Adults Brain
  67. Upd Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Tower Puzzles 1 Puzzle Assorted
  68. Dodoland Eugy Unicorn 3D Puzzle Educational Kid Toys 28 Piece Puzzle Great For Gifts Home And
  69. Jurassic World 100 Piece Puzzle Bundle Of
  70. Mystery Mosaics Books 1114 With 36 Colored Pencils
  71. Kidkraft Magnetic Dog Park Magnetic Puzzle Puzzle 8
  72. Ingenio Bilingual Learning Puzzle
  73. Scramble Squares
  74. Speed Cube Set Aitbay Magic Cube Bundle 2X2 3X3 Pyramid Megaminx Skew Ivy Sticker Cubes Puzzle Toys
  75. Runsong Creative 3D Puzzle Paper Model St Basils Cathedral Diy Fun Educational Toys World Great
  76. Mudpuppy The World Of Eric Carle Brown Bear What Do You See Squares Puzzle 27
  77. Bdazzle Scramble Squares
  78. Melissa Doug 49 Piece Floor Puzzle Includes Solar System Underwater Dinosaurs Fire Truck Alphabet
  79. Speed Cube 3X3 Magic Cube Puzzle Game Intelligence Increasing And Antistress Turns Quicker And More
  80. Lezhi Iq Toysab Ab Test Mind Game Brain Teaser Wire Magic Trick Toy Iq Puzzle Set Pack Of 16
  81. Katamino


  82. Gift Item Paw Patrol Foam Floor Puzzle By Cardinal 25 Piece
  83. 4D Cityscape Harry Potter Snitch 3D Puzzle
  84. Gan 354 M 3X3 Magnetic Speed Cube Gans Magic Cube And Small
  85. Ravensburger Disney Finding Dory In A Clam Shaped Box 100 Piece Jigsaw Puzzle Every Piece Is Unique
  86. Este Macleod Hearts Puzzle
  87. Titanic398 Piece Puzz 3D

    Titanic398 Piece Puzz 3D

  88. Tkmom Animal Iq Building BlocksTitres Puzzle Preschool Educational Learning 3D Blocks Stack Shapes
  89. Gopher Holes Handmade Organic 3D Brain Teaser Wooden Puzzle For Adults From Siammandalay With Sm
  90. 266Piece Jigsaw Puzzle Stained Art Aladdin Jasmine Stainedglass Windows Tightly Series
  91. Nice Purchase Magic Snake Cube 144 Wedges Large Magic Ruler Puzzle Twist Puzzle Brain Teaser Twist
  92. Extragoods City Puzzle Zuerich
  93. Artkal Assorted 4Pcsset Of Ukenn 2Nd Generation 3D Coral Fish Puzzles Diy Butterfly Fishball
  94. Coogam Gan 356 Xs Speed Cube 3X3 Stickerless Gans 356Xs Magnetic Puzzle Cube Gan356 Xs 3X3X3
  95. Agreatlife The Original Cube Carbon Fiber
  96. 2 Pack Spanish Word Search Book Jumbo96 Page Each Easytosee Full Page Seek
  97. Bdazzle Scramble Squares Tropical
  98. Professor Puzzle The Boredom Box Huge Games Puzzles Set Over 250 Activities From Classic Board
  99. The Little Mermaid 300 Piece Movie Poster Puzzle 2 X 3 Feet
  100. Gj Games Yileng Yj 3X3 Speed Cube Puzzle
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Items 101 - 200 of 390 total

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1st graders have to learn so much: reading, math, science, writing, geography and so on. But the most important, they have to learn how to learn things in the future and to enjoy it. Our collection of puzzles for 6 year olds will help you to make learning fun. Our jigsaw puzzles and matching games, map puzzles and spelling puzzles, fantasy puzzles and animal puzzles from Puzzles for 6 Year Olds are made by the best toy manufacturers that guarantee high quality of their learning toys. Pirates and princesses, sharks and dinosaurs, solar system and world map are beautifully illustrated on our puzzles for 6 year olds. So, you just put our puzzles for 6 year olds together to think, play and learn!

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