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Playsets and Figures for 6 Years

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  1. Breyer Fantasy Horse 5 Stablemates Paint Kit
  2. Breyer Stablemates Horse Breeds Collection - 10 Figurines Shadow Box Set
  3. Red Stable with 2 Stablemates Horses Playset
  4. Breyer Race Horse Model & Jockey Doll Playset
  5. Discover World Animals 100 World Map Puzzle & Play Set
  6. Breyer Palomino Quarter Horse and Foal 2 Figurines Set
  7. Super Sporty 4 Stablemates Horse Figurines Set
  8. Breyer Mobile Vet Clinic Vehicle Playset
  9. Animal Parade A to Z Wooden Animal Alphabet Puzzle Playset
  10. 3D Paint by Number Pinto Horse Model Craft Kit
  11. Breyer Create & Paint Your Dream Horse 2 Models Kit
  12. Calico Critters Cloverleaf Townhome Deluxe Gift Set
  13. Calico Critters Lakeside Lodge Dollhouse
  14. Castle Characters Figures 8 pc Wooden Play Set
  15. The Little Prince 3 Figurines - Pilot, Little Prince, Fox
  16. Breyer Spring Creek Stable Horse Playset
  17. Daisy Girls Pets and Vet Wooden Magnetic Dress-Up Dolls Set
  18. Best Friends Pocket Dolls Dress-Up
  19. Daisy Girls Dress-Up Magnetic Wooden Dolls Set
  20. The Little Prince Glowing Stars Stickers 40 pc Set
  21. Brio Deluxe Cargo Railway 54 pc Wooden Train Set

    Brio Deluxe Cargo Railway 54 pc Wooden Train Set

    $169.99 Sale $159.95
  22. Brio Railway Starter Set 26 pc Train Set
  23. Brio Deluxe Railway 87 pc Wooden Train Set

    Brio Deluxe Railway 87 pc Wooden Train Set

    $349.99 Sale $256.51
  24. Magnetic Wall Stickers Set - Janod - World Map MagnetiStick
  25. Super Sick Day 5 pc Plush Giant Microbes Gift Box
  26. Biohazards 5 pc Plush Giant Microbes Gift Box
  27. Animal Cell Plush GIANTmicrobes Toy
  28. Plant Cell Plush GIANTmicrobes Toy
  29. Make Your Own Monster Puppet Craft Kit
  30. Kids Pony Vet Playset - Chloe Care for Me Set
  31. Sticky Mosaics I Love Horses Girls Craft Kit
  32. Hop Along Pony - Inflatable Hopping Horse
  33. Horse Science - Science Set & Book
  34. Horse Breeds Jumbo Floor Puzzle
  35. Breyer Coloring Activity Book with Stickers -  'H' is for Horse
  36. Unicorns Sticky Mosaics Craft Kit

36 items

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Children imagination does not know any limits. Get some fun Playsets and Figures to sparkle it up and enjoy watching how magically it works! Safari animal playset toys will turn your play room into a zoo with a zookeeper, vet and imaginary or toy visitors. Open the school play set and your stuffed animals or friends turn into students. Open a gate of toy castle and royal playset toys will jostle, bring their knight armies together, and have feasts. All cute toy figurines and exciting play accessories from Educational Toys Planet’s Playsets and Figures are quality made by the best toy brands to inspire your children’s fun make-believe play.