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  1. Magnetism, Tornadoes, Water Cycle Science Kit
  2. Build a Water Fountain Circuit Science Kit
  3. Engineering Lab Magic School Bus Shaped Science Kit
  4. Magnetism Science Kit
  5. Physics Discovery Science Kit
  6. Build Solar Energy AM/FM Radio Science Kit
  7. Physics Solar Workshop Construction Science Kit
  8. Solar Mechanics Science Kit
  9. Kids First Physics Lab Science Kit
  10. Remote Control Machines Science Kit
  11. Tin Can Cable Car Building Kit for Kids
  12. Demolition Lab for Kids - Breakdown Building
  13. Motors & Generators Science Kit
  14. Electronics Advanced Circuits Science Kit

    Electronics Advanced Circuits Science Kit

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  15. Simple Machines Science Building Set
  16. The Magic School Bus - Jumping into Electricity
  17. Award Winning
    Physics Toys
  18. Ultralight Airplanes Gliders Building Science Kit
  19. Zoob STEM Challenge 175 pc Building Set
  20. Physics Workshop Science Kit
  21. Build Solar Power Helicopter Science Kit
  22. T4 Transforming Solar Robot 4 Models Building Set
  23. Mysteries of Rainbow - the Magic School Bus Science Kit
  24. Optical Science & Art Science Kit
  25. Kids First Aircraft Engineer Science Kit
  26. Elements of Science - Kids Deluxe Science Kit
  27. Demolition Lab for Kids - Triple Blast Warehouse
  28. Physics Toys
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  29. Demolition Lab for Kids - Mega Smokestack
  30. Drop Zone Play Payload Target Drop Plane
  31. Physics Science Kit
  32. Demolition Lab for Kids - Wrecking Ball
  33. Weather, States of Matter, Volcanoes Science Kit
  34. Magnetic Science Experiment Kit
  35. Air-Stream Machines Science Kit
  36. Balancing Robot Building Kit
  37. Electronic Project Lab 75 in 1 Science Kit
  38. Soaring into Flight - the Magic School Bus Science Kit
  39. Dynamo Torch Generator Building Kit
  40. Air + Water Power Plus Deluxe Science Kit
  41. Discovery Prism Science Toy
  42. Simple Machines Physics Science Kit
  43. Brush Robot Building Kit
  44. Electricity Master Lab Deluxe Science Kit

    Electricity Master Lab Deluxe Science Kit

    $199.97 Sale $162.97
  45. Nanotechnology Science Kit

    Nanotechnology Science Kit

  46. 3D Optics Stereoscopy Science Kit
  47. Remote Control Machines DLX Construction Science Kit
  48. Eco Battery Vehicles Construction Science Kit
  49. Stepping into Science Kids First Science Kit
  50. Kids First Science Laboratory Experiment Kit
  51. 500-in-1 Electronic Project Lab

    500-in-1 Electronic Project Lab

  52. Kids First Automobile Engineer Science Kit
  53. Electronic Project Lab 200 in 1 Science Kit
  54. Remote Control Machines Custom Cars Building Science Kit
  55. Robotics Smart Machines Engineering Science Kit
  56. Code Gamer Arduino Coding Game & Workshop Science Kit
  57. Intro to Engineering Science Kit
  58. Build a Bubble Maker Circuit Science Kit
  59. Physics Pro Science Kit

    Physics Pro Science Kit

  60. Science or Magic Physics Tricks Science Kit
  61. Snap Circuits 500 with Computer Interface
  62. Magnet Science Kit for Kids
  63. Remote Control Machines Animals Build Bionic Creatures Science Kit
  64. Magnetic Levitation Science Kit for Kids
  65. Electricity & Magnetism Science Kit
  66. Remote Control Machines Space Explorers Science Kit

64 items

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The adventure in physics for kids starts here! The amazing world of electricity, motion, light, magnetism, and modern physics can be taught for children of all ages with our fun science toys. Learn the nature of light, experiment with different mechanical equipment, surf the mystical world of forces, discover the laws of electromagnetism, study engineering, conduct tests with electric kits and much more with our educational toys from Physics for Kids section. Experiment, learn and have tons of fun with the great variety of products from the Physics for Kids science toys category!