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  1. Kids Golf Club Sport Set in a Golf Bag
  2. Jungle Croquet Kids Activity Toy
  3. Kids Stilts Active Play Set

    Kids Stilts Active Play Set

    $39.50 Sale $24.49
  4. Simple Stopwatch for Kids
  5. Magic Moves Electronic Wand Active Play Toy
  6. Kids Mini Golf - Wooden Indoor and Outdoor Golf Set
  7. Emoji Hoppy Ball 18 Inches Hopping Ball with Pump
  8. Pop-Up Basketball Game Set
  9. Max Boom Max Repeater Slingshot 5 Balls Set
  10. Six Pin Kids Bowling Set

    Six Pin Kids Bowling Set

    $24.99 Sale $24.00
  11. My First Sports Golf Kids Active Play Set
  12. Gymnastic Ribbon Stick for Kids
  13. Kids 18 inches Blue Jump Ball with Pump
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  15. All Surface 3-in-1 Swingball, Basketball, Soccer Outdoor Games Set
  16. Froggy Kickball Frog Ball for Kids
  17. Award Winning
    Sports Toys
  18. My First Sports T-Ball Kids Active Play Set
  19. Egg & Spoon Race Game

    Egg & Spoon Race Game

    $14.99 Sale $10.00
  20. Gymnic Hop 66 Blue 26 inches Hop Ball
  21. Scootie Bug 3 Wheel Folding Scooter - Red
  22. Nursery Trampoline for Toddlers
  23. Kids Pogo Jumper Active Play Set
  24. Musical Hop Skipper Active Toy
  25. Kids Croquet Wooden Indoor & Outdoor Play Set
  26. Kids Hopscotch Floor Puzzle Mat
  27. Kids Rainbow Stunt Streamer

    Kids Rainbow Stunt Streamer

    $12.38 Sale $6.34
  28. Sports Toys
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  29. Pinky Hoppy Ball - Kids 18 Inches Pink Jump Ball with Pump
  30. Twirling Baton for Kids
  31. My First Sports Soccer Kids Active Play Set
  32. Activity Cones - Set of 8 Colorful Cones
  33. Hug a Planet - 12 inches Huggable Soft Globe
  34. Spider Flyer Disc - Assorted Orange, Red, Green Soft Foam Frisbee
  35. Kids Yoga Activity Mat 25 pc Foam Puzzle Set
  36. TurboSpoke Bike Exhaust System
  37. My First Sports Bowling Kids Active Play Set
  38. The Ringer Ring Toss Play Set
  39. Gymnic Hop 55 Blue 22 inches Hop Ball
  40. Scootie Bug 3 Wheel Folding Scooter - Purple & Blue
  41. Kids First Fold and Bounce Trampoline

    Kids First Fold and Bounce Trampoline

    $79.99 Sale $70.33
  42. Super Go Pogo Stick Jumper for Bigger Kids
  43. Jump Ball - 18 Inches Hopping Ball
  44. Kids Mini Hockey - Wooden Indoor and Outdoor Play Set
  45. Indoors and Outdoors Physical Activity Set of 6 Fun Toys

43 items

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A strong mind and a strong body are keys to a long, healthy, and happy life. Start your kids out on the right foot with our sports toys designed to build both! Put fitness front and center with kids gym, outdoor sports toys and games, and more to delight your baby or older child. As adults, we are often amazed by children’s boundless energy. Make the most of it! Educational Toys Planets exciting sports toys channel that energy in a positive way and show that fitness is fun! Habits learned early are the kind that last a lifetime. Give your kids the benefit of healthy habits now!