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Nesting Toys for 4 Years

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  1. Sock Monkey Nesting Monkeys
  2. Zigolos Russian Dolls 5 Wooden Nesting Penguins Set
  3. Nest & Stack Shapes Wooden Activity Board
  4. LIfe on Earth Tot Towers 10 Stacking Blocks Set
  5. Jungle Jamboree ABC & 123 Stack n Play 10 Nesting Blocks Set

5 items

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Educational Toys Planet's nesting toys are a great way to promote fine motor practice and encourage cognitive development. Nesting activity is often combined with stacking and sorting fun! Sort the nesting cubes by sizes and see which one fits into the next one. Match the shapes by colors or theme to nest them, and you'll discover early math skills through play! Place the nesting dolls or barrels from smallest to largest and try to fit them one by one inside each other. How about fill-n-spill play for babies? Taking some shapes or toys out of some colorful container and putting them back inside is a super benefitial hide-n-seek game for growing hands and minds.

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