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  1. USA Map 51 pc Floor Puzzle

    USA Map 51 pc Floor Puzzle

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  2. USA Map Large Wooden Puzzle

    USA Map Large Wooden Puzzle

    $14.99 Sale $13.49
  3. This Land is Your Land US Map 100 pc Puzzle
  4. USA Map 45 pc Illustrated Wooden Puzzle
  5. Discover America 100 US Map Puzzle & Play Set
  6. USA Map Foam Puzzle

    USA Map Foam Puzzle

    $24.99 Sale $8.69
  7. Geo Puzzle World - 68 pc Map Puzzle
  8. World Map 200 pc Jigsaw Puzzle and Poster Set
  9. USA Map & World Map 2 Puzzles Set in a Box
  10. World Map Foam Puzzle

    World Map Foam Puzzle

    $29.99 Sale $15.30
  11. USA Map in the Tub 75 pc Foam Puzzle
  12. World Map 100 pc Jigsaw Puzzle
  13. Discover World Animals 100 World Map Puzzle & Play Set
  14. US Map 24 pc Giant Floor Puzzle
  15. Geo Puzzle Europe - 58 pc Map Puzzle
  16. USA Map 200 pc Jigsaw Puzzle and Poster Set
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  19. USA Map Wooden Sound Puzzle

    USA Map Wooden Sound Puzzle

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  20. Geo Puzzle USA & Canada - 69 pc Map Puzzle
  21. USA Map 20 pc Jigsaw Puzzle
  22. World Map 60 pc Children Puzzle
  23. Magnetic USA Map 44 pc Puzzle
  24. World Landmarks Map 300 pc Puzzle
  25. USA Map 500 pc Illustrated Floor Puzzle
  26. Children's World Globe 180 pc 3D Puzzle
  27. Disney Globe 180pc Puzzleball

    Disney Globe 180pc Puzzleball

  28. Map Puzzles
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  29. Map of the World 24 pc Jumbo Floor Puzzle
  30. Preschool Educational 24 pc Floor 4 Puzzles Bundle

28 items

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Say 'hello' to the world as you put together fun map puzzles! Learning geography is easy when you have the right educational toys and games. Children from preschool to middle grade ages can learn the world and the USA geography playing with our geography games and map puzzles. Educational Toys Planet’s Map Puzzles section features quality learning products that will help your child to remember continents, countries, states, capitals, oceans and famous landmarks. Our map puzzles are educational puzzles of various difficulty levels and consist of 40 to more than 500 pieces. For younger children you can find sound map puzzles. For older ones you can choose more complex geography puzzles and also 3D map puzzles.