Magnetics Toys by John Deere

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  1. Bug Catching Game Wooden Magnetic Puzzle
  2. Wooden Animal Magnets 20 pc Play Set
  3. John Deere Kids Fishing Pole Playset
  4. Story Express Farm Wooden Train Set
  5. Brio Classic Figure 8 Set 22 pc Wooden Train Set
  6. Tow Truck Game Magnetic Wooden Puzzle
  7. Magnetic Car Loader Wooden Toy Vehicles 6 pc Set
  8. Catch Of The Day Toy Fishing Rod
  9. Rocket Magnetic Wooden Stacking Activity Toy
  10. Toy 4 x 4 Vehicle Magnetic 9 pc Kit
  11. Brio Farm Railway 20 pc Wooden Train Set
  12. Magnetic Letters & Numbers 77 pc Wooden Set
  13. Magnetic Wooden Alphabet

    Magnetic Wooden Alphabet

    $11.99 Sale $7.94
  14. Magnetic Daily Calendar Learning Activity Set
  15. Brio Deluxe Cargo Railway 54 pc Wooden Train Set

    Brio Deluxe Cargo Railway 54 pc Wooden Train Set

    $169.99 Sale $159.95
  16. Magnetic Hide & Seek Activity Board
  17. Brio Deluxe Railway 87 pc Wooden Train Set

    Brio Deluxe Railway 87 pc Wooden Train Set

    $349.99 Sale $256.51
  18. Magnetic Wooden Numbers
  19. The Little Prince Glowing Stars Stickers 40 pc Set
  20. Magnetic Pattern Block Kit Geometric Magnets
  21. Magnetic Fishing Game Catch & Count Playset
  22. Airplane Magnetic Wooden Toy
  23. Brio Battery Operated Action Train 3 pc Set
  24. Brio Railway Starter Set 26 pc Train Set
  25. Brio Travel Station 25 pc Wooden Train Set
  26. Brio Central Fire Station 12 pc Wooden Play Set
  27. Magnetic Wall Stickers Set - Janod - World Map MagnetiStick
  28. Brio Starter Track Pack 13 pc Extra Wooden Tracks Set
  29. Fish 'n Learn Magnetic Fishing ABC's 52 pc Wooden Set
  30. Story Express Safari Wooden Train Set
  31. Brio Classic Deluxe 25 pc Wooden Train Set
  32. Brio Rail & Road Loading 32 pc Wooden Train Set
  33. Magnetic Wooden ABC Puzzle Book
  34. Brio Rescue Firefighter Set 18 pc Wooden Train Set
  35. Fish 'n Learn Magnetic Fishing Number 50 pc Wooden Set

35 items

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Our magnetic toys are easy to take along and fun to play with! Educational Toys Planet presents our collection of quality magnetic toys that are perfect for kids 3 years and older. Your toddlers, preschoolers or older children will have their imagination soar playing with our magnetic playsets in the whole spectrum of kids favorite themes and characters from Magnetic Toys. Magnetic toys can teach, too! Just check out our magnetic wooden numbers and letters, animals and dinosaurs! Magnetic calendar and responsibility chart will help your children learn more about planning, scheduling and being responsible. Magnetic toys and games are awesome companions on the go, or when you like to keep your child busy with some fun quiet activity.

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