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Award Winning Life Skills for 7 Years

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  1. Kids Outdoor LED Lantern

    Kids Outdoor LED Lantern

    $11.99 Sale $9.99
  2. Kids Outdoor Nite Hiker LED Headlamp
  3. Giddy Buggy Flashlight

    Giddy Buggy Flashlight

    $12.99 Sale $9.37
  4. Flash Firefly Kids Flashlight
  5. Backyard Safari Adventures Flashlight
  6. Backyard Safari Treasure Hunter Learn Navigation Kit
  7. Backyard Safari Campfire LED Mini Lantern
  8. Kids Safety Goggles - Primary Science Safety Glasses
  9. Blossom Kids Flower Flashlight
  10. Build and Paint a Bird House Craft Kit
  11. Botany Greenhouse Kids First Science Kit
  12. Fairy Triad Garden Terrarium Dome Plant Kit
  13. Build a Bird House Craft Kit
  14. My School Wooden Magnetic Calendar
  15. Kids Time Tracker Mini

    Kids Time Tracker Mini

    $24.99 Sale $20.05
  16. Pretend & Play Checkbook with Calculator
  17. Kids 60 Minute Jumbo Timer
  18. Fairies' Flowers Micro Terrarium Mini Plant Kit
  19. Realistic Play Money Set

    Realistic Play Money Set

    $13.97 Sale $10.49
  20. Giant Butterfly Garden Live Butterfly Habitat
  21. Desert Hothouse - Windowsill Greenhouse Plant Kit
  22. Fly Trap Fiends Windowsill Greenhouse Plant Kit
  23. Ladybug Garden Tote Kids Set

    Ladybug Garden Tote Kids Set

    $22.99 Sale $15.60
  24. Kids Garden Large Leaf Rake
  25. Kids Watering Can Gardening Toy - Janod
  26. Stanley Jr. Build a Bulldozer Woodcrafting Kit
  27. Kids Big Tape Measure
  28. Stanley Jr. Build a Candy Maze Kids Woodcrafting Kit
  29. Simple Tape Measure for Kids
  30. Magnetic Learning Calendar

    Magnetic Learning Calendar

    $19.99 Sale $15.49
  31. Countdown to Christmas Kids Advent Calendar

31 items

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Daily life can be full of challenges and stresses that test our Life Skills at any age. Educational Toys Planet provides learning aids that help young minds cope with these challenges such as skills in communication and literacy, decision-making, problem-solving, occupational roles and planning. Help your child improve their Safety Skills with really fun flash lights, work gloves or play telephones. Your child can also Learn to Dress with many different dress-up dolls for boys and girls. You can show how important responsibility is with cool windowsill greenhouses of all types as well as many other house-help items. With items from the Life Skills section you can give your child the important concept of time management and schedule. With Educational Toys Planet learning Like Skills can be fun, entertaining and productive!