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Insect Lore

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  1. Giant Butterfly Garden Live Butterfly Habitat
  2. Original Butterfly Garden Butterflies Growing Kit
  3. Live Ant Hill Ants Habitat Kit
  4. Ladybug Land Ladybug Habitat
  5. Nature Scope Bug Collection Viewer
  6. Port a Bug - Portable Bug Habitat
  7. Magnifying Bug Viewer Outdoor Toy
  8. Original Butterfly Pavilion Ultimate Butterfly Hatching Kit
  9. Extend a Net Telescoping Handle Bug Net
  10. Kids Ventilated Bug Jar

    Kids Ventilated Bug Jar

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  11. Butterfly Pavilion Grow 33 Butterflies School Kit

11 items

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When in 1969 Insect Lore’s founders came up with ingenious recipe for successful caterpillar’s diet, the innovative butterfly habitat kits were born. Insect Lore’s product ideas are amazingly entertaining and educational. Children can now have their own insect habitats and observe the amazing butterfly metamorphosis from hatching to flying right in their homes or classrooms. Insect Lore offers not only the various butterfly nursery kits, but also ladybug, silkworms, worms, frogs habitats, and exciting bug catching accessories and insect themed playthings for children of all ages. Hatch, grow and watch your own living critters to have fun and become a responsible natural observer and scientists.