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Gross Motor Toys for 5 Years

43 items

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  1. Gymnastic Ribbon Stick for Kids
  2. Activity Cones - Set of 8 Colorful Cones
  3. Kids Mini Golf - Wooden Indoor and Outdoor Golf Set
  4. Six Pin Kids Bowling Set

    Six Pin Kids Bowling Set

    $24.99 Sale $24.95
  5. Twirling Baton for Kids

    Twirling Baton for Kids

    $7.99 Sale $7.67
  6. Jump Ball - 18 Inches Hopping Ball
  7. Egg & Spoon Race Game

    Egg & Spoon Race Game

    $14.99 Sale $14.95
  8. Gertie Magic Color Changing Ball
  9. The Ringer Ring Toss Play Set
  10. Solar System 7 inch Play Ball for Kids
  11. Safari Animals 5 inch Textured Play Ball for Kids
  12. YBIKE Evolve 3 in 1 Conversion Bike Set - Red

    YBIKE Evolve 3 in 1 Conversion Bike Set - Red

    $149.95 Sale $120.07
  13. Chinese Jump Rope
  14. Kids Rainbow Stunt Streamer
  15. Kids Stilts Active Play Set

    Kids Stilts Active Play Set

    $39.50 Sale $19.90
  16. My First Sports T-Ball Kids Active Play Set
  17. My First Sports Bowling Kids Active Play Set
  18. My First Sports Golf Kids Active Play Set
  19. Wiggle & Giggle Balancing Fun Action Game
  20. Kids Croquet Wooden Indoor & Outdoor Play Set
  21. Solar System 5 inch Play Ball for Kids
  22. Safari Animals 7 inch Green Play Ball for Kids
  23. T-Rex Dinosaur 7 Inches Size 3 Soccer Play Ball
  24. Tick Tock Clock 12 ft Play Parachute
  25. Vehicles 5 inch Play Ball for Kids
  26. Vehicles 7 inch Play Ball for Kids
  27. Kids 7ft Jump Rope
  28. Deluxe Chinese Jump Rope
  29. Original Gertie Play Ball
  30. Nobbie Gertie 8 Inches  Ball
  31. Kids Indoor & Outdoor Cleanup Play Set - House Chores & Garden Tools Kit for 3-6 years
  32. Tie Dye Gertie Play Ball

    Tie Dye Gertie Play Ball

    $9.99 Sale $9.95
  33. Juggling Balls 3 pc Set
  34. /
  35. Jungle Jamboree 7 inch Green Play Ball
  36. Spider Flyer Disc - Assorted Orange, Red, Green Soft Foam Frisbee
  37. Pop-Up Basketball Game Set

    Pop-Up Basketball Game Set

    $19.99 Sale $17.17
  38. Tee-Ball Kids T-Ball Sport Set
  39. Kids Golf Club Sport Set in a Golf Bag
  40. All Surface 3-in-1 Swingball, Basketball, Soccer Outdoor Games Set
  41. Top Toss Ladder Ball Outdoor Play Set
  42. Paddle Tether Ball Outdoor Play Set
  43. Indoors and Outdoors Physical Activity Set of 6 Fun Toys

43 items

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We, here at Educational Toys Planet, are excited to share our curated collection of gross motor toys to aid your child in exploring their body and learning how to play and use their physical bodies to stay strong and healthy. Gross motor skills like jumping, running and skipping, for example are all rather large movements that get the heart rate up and give children a work out as well as self-confidence. (Secret: These toys will also poop them out for nap time!) Babies will start out with simple, classic toys like pull toys that they can grab ahold of and steer around the house as they wobble and toddle about. Later, as the child becomes more physically adept, they will graduate to more difficult movements that require coordination. For example, the mini indoor golf set or our folding tricycle. Whatever age of your child, you can't do too much to keep them active and healthy so that they can develop physically.