Going Green for Kids

We, here at Educational Toys Planet, are excited to share our curated collection of "green toys" that are sure to be a hit with your kid. The many science kits focus on different issues regarding the environment and conservation. These sets are meant to expand your child's problem-solving skills and exercise that brain as well as instill an interest in the environment. Though they may not "play" in the way that an infant or toddler would, older children are exploratory in their learning process. They gain knowledge and motivation as they investigate new topics in detail. You, as a mom or dad, want to foster that learning process in any way that you can. Your child can build a fuel cell car or explore water quality. So much to explore! So much to learn! So much to discover! Give your budding scientist a headstart with amazing science kits like this.

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  1. Build a Recycling Truck Kids Woodcrafting Kit
  2. Wind Power Energy Science Kit
  3. Green Rocket Recycle Science Kit
  4. Solar Power Science Kit
  5. Solar Mechanics Science Kit
  6. Soda Can Robot Bug Building Kit
  7. Salt Water Fuel Cell Car Science Toy
  8. Hydropower Energy Science Kit
  9. Tin Can Cable Car Building Kit for Kids
  10. Bottle Catamaran Green Science Kit
  11. Enviro Battery Green Energy Science Kit
  12. Salt Water Power Robot Science Kit
  13. Power House Sustainable Living Science Kit
  14. Weather Station Kids Science Kit
  15. Windmill Generator Green Science Kit
  16. Solar Science Kit for Kids

    Solar Science Kit for Kids

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  17. Tin Can Calculator Green Science Kit
  18. Global Water Quality Science Kit
  19. Physics Solar Workshop Construction Science Kit
  20. Trash Robot Green Creativity Craft Kit
  21. Recycled Paper Beads Craft Kit
  22. Dynamo Circuit Board Green Science Kit
  23. Kindergarten Super Scholar Workbook - 128 Pages
  24. Build Tin Can Robot Green Science Kit
  25. Fuel Cell X7 Hydrogen Powered Car Kit
  26. Solar Rover Robot Building Green Science Kit
  27. Water Cleaning Science Kit
  28. Make a Fox Toy Animal Craft Kit

28 items

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