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European Toys

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  1. Bruder MAN Tow Truck and Toy Car - 2 Toy Vehicles Play Set
  2. Quercetti Migoga Junior Toddler Ball Run
  3. Candy Chemistry Science Kit
  4. Shrinky Shiny Jewelry Kit
  5. Outdoor Mandala Designer Chalk Art Kit - Princess
  6. Quercetti Transparent Marble Run
  7. Bruder Scania R Series Deluxe Dump Truck Toy
  8. Stepping into Science Kids First Science Kit
  9. Wind Power Energy Science Kit
  10. Rody Inflatable Hopping Horse - Arte Swirl Multi Color
  11. Quercetti Migoga Marble Run 220 pc Super Vortis Building Set
  12. Bruder Toy Truck Set - MAN TGA Low Loader with JCB Backhoe Loader
  13. Bruder MACK Granite Green & Red Toy Garbage Truck
  14. Geomag Kids Panels 44 pcs Magnetic Building Set
  15. Volcanoes & Earthquakes Kids Science Kit
  16. Engino 30 Models Building Kit
  17. Award Winning
    European Toys
  18. Genetics & DNA Science Kit
  19. Bruder CAT Mini Excavator with Worker Construction Vehicle Set
  20. Bruder Toy Truck MB Arocs Lorry with Roll off Transport Container
  21. Crystal Growing Kids Science Kit
  22. Kids Sewing Machine & Fashion Studio
  23. Chocolate Science Lab Food Science Kit
  24. Gymnic Hop 66 Blue 26 inches Hop Ball
  25. Bruder MAN Cement Mixer Toy Truck
  26. Bruder Toy MAN Dump Truck
  27. Qubo Stacking Blocks and Pegs Activity Set for Toddlers
  28. European Toys
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  29. Quercetti Migoga Marble Run 90 pc Building Set
  30. Bruder Scania R Series Low Loader & Cat Bulldozer 2 Vehicles Set
  31. Quercetti Georello Tech 266 pc Gears Building Set
  32. Quercetti Rami Color Balls Sorting Machine
  33. Chem C1000 Beginners Chemistry Science Kit
  34. Rody Inflatable Hopping Horse - Blue
  35. Quercetti Tubation 40 pc Construction Set
  36. Ubongo Geometric Puzzle Game
  37. Runway Designs Sewing Fashion Craft
  38. Outdoor Mandala Designer Chalk Art Kit - Flowers & Butterflies
  39. Quercetti Georello Kaleido Gears Set
  40. Bruder JCB Backhoe Loader Construction Vehicle
  41. Imhotep Builder of Egypt Strategy Board Game
  42. Geomag Kids Panels Glitter 44 pcs Magnetic Building Set
  43. What Comes First? Sequencing Puzzle
  44. Eiffel Tower 216 pc 3D Buildings Puzzle
  45. Disney Globe 180pc Puzzleball
  46. Build a Word Language Game
  47. Elements of Science - Kids Deluxe Science Kit
  48. Bruder CAT Excavator Construction Vehicle
  49. Boys Tattoos Craft Kit
  50. Geomag Kids Panels 68 pcs Magnetic Building Set
  51. Bruder Toy MB Arocs Winter Service Truck with Snow Plow
  52. Quercetti Georello Junior Toddler Gears Toy
  53. Rody Inflatable Hopping Horse - Red
  54. Giant Knights' Castle Cardboard Playset
  55. Bruder Deluxe Toy Fire Truck - Scania R-Series
  56. Children's World Globe 180 pc 3D Puzzle
  57. Pretty Me Jewelry Box and Mirror Decorating Craft Kit
  58. Enchanted Forest Memory Board Game
  59. Bruder Scania R-Series  Orange Toy Garbage Truck
  60. Perfume Science Deluxe Science Kit for Girls
  61. Intro to Engineering Science Kit
  62. Bruder MACK Granite Low loader Truck and JCB Backhoe Loader 2 Vehicles Set
  63. Rocket Science Physics Science Kit
  64. Bruder MAN TGA Crane Toy Truck
  65. Climate & Weather Kids Science Kit
  66. Statue of Liberty 108pc 3D Building Puzzle
  67. Gymnic Hop 55 Blue 22 inches Hop Ball
  68. Quercetti Fantacolor Daisy 260 pc Mosaic Peg Board
  69. Bruder MACK Granite Tip Up Play Truck
  70. Bruder Toy Garbage Truck - Rear Loading Green
  71. Quercetti Daisy Maxi Stacking Peg Set
  72. Pottery Wheel & Splash Art Studio 2-in-1 Machine
  73. Bruder Scania R Series Liebherr Toy Crane Truck
  74. Quercetti Tecno Building Toy

    Quercetti Tecno Building Toy

    $26.97 Sale $21.97
  75. Quercetti Pallino Color Balls Mosaic Machine
  76. Bruder MAN Fire Engine - Deluxe Toy Fire Truck
  77. Chem C500 Chemistry Science Kit
  78. Rody Inflatable Hopping Horse - Pink
  79. Quercetti Fantacolor Junior Mosaic Pegboard Set
  80. Quercetti Premium Magnetic Language Tablet
  81. The Earth 540 pc World Globe 3D Puzzle with Rotation Stand
  82. Quercetti Filo Tablet Draw with Lace Toy
  83. Quercetti Tubation Transparent 70 pcs Construction Set
  84. Crystals, Rocks & Minerals Science Kit
  85. Bruder MB Winter Service Truck with Snow Plow
  86. Fashion Catwalk Creations Sewing Craft Kit
  87. Quercetti Fantacolor Transparent 150 pc Mosaic Pegboard Set
  88. Optical Science & Art Science Kit
  89. Bruder CAT Track Loader Construction Vehicle
  90. Tip Top Pottery Wheel Craft Kit
  91. Geomag Kids Panels Glitter 68 pcs Magnetic Building Set
  92. Bruder Roadmax Toddler Backhoe Loader
  93. Engino 100 Model Ultimate Building Kit with 2 Motors
  94. Elegant Fashion Catwalk Creations Sewing Kit
  95. Smartscope Science X Smartphone Microscope
  96. Hot Ice Crystals Science Project Kit
  97. Bruder Construction JCB Dumpster and Construction Worker Set
  98. Glowing Chemistry Science Kit
  99. Sorting Shapes Learning Game
  100. USA Map 300 pc Puzzle

    USA Map 300 pc Puzzle

    $13.97 Sale $11.97
  101. Winter Adventures 49 pc Disney Frozen 3 Puzzles Set
  102. Science or Magic Physics Tricks Science Kit
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Items 1 - 100 of 155 total

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With the colossal variety of toys on the market creative parents still experience difficulty finding versatile and unique, but at the same time educational and safe toys. Educational Toys Planet’s European Toys section presents a hand picked selection of high-quality fun & educational, learning toys for children of all ages.. Our European Toys are manufactured by the award winning European toys brands such as Quercetti, Bruder, Ravensburger, and others. The children products in this section are made in Italy, Germany, or Czech Republic, meet US safety standards and fulfill environmental guidelines. Designed to impress, made to have fun, these toys will make children and their parents happy!