Origami Kits for Kids

Do you have a creative kiddo looking to try new things? We have something for them to try! Origami is a fun and unique way for your child to express his or her creativity. It is also a great way to foster fine motor skills and promote memory, problem-solving and spatial reasoning. Our origami kits for kids come with all of the supplies that your child will need to have a lot of fun and make some beautiful things.We, here at Educational Toys Planet, are excited to share our curated collection of origami kits from some of the best manufacturers in the toy business. Our choices are varied so that you can find something specifically suited to your child's skill level and needs. These are great kits to have on road trips or plane rides and make for a ton of fun on a rainy Saturday.

  1. Origami Pad Paper Craft Activity Book

    Fold, play, tell stories with 10 hand-made origami models from this Origami Pad activity book by Galt!  Fold and play with the hand-made origami models! Origami Pad Paper Craft Activity Book by Galt lets children make 10 paper craft models. Origami designs from this art activity book include folding house, lantern, long box, water bomb, boat, flapping bird, jumping frog, spinner, gift basket and fortune teller. This..   more
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