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  1. Snap Circuits 500 with Computer Interface
  2. Remote Control Machines DLX Construction Science Kit
  3. Robot Beetle
  4. Electricity Science Kit
  5. Dynamo Circuit Board Green Science Kit
  6. Educational Snap Circuits 300 with Deluxe Case
  7. Student Training Snap Circuits Jr. 100 Electronic Kit
  8. Soda Can Robot Bug Building Kit
  9. Snap Circuits 300 with Computer Interface
  10. Build a Bubble Maker Circuit Science Kit
  11. Educational Snap Circuits Extreme 750 with Deluxe Case
  12. Snap Circuits Pro 500 Learning Center
  13. Electronics Advanced Circuits Science Kit
  14. Motors & Generators Science Kit
  15. Remote Control Machines Custom Cars Building Science Kit
  16. Educational Snap Circuits Pro 500 with Deluxe Case
  17. Room Alarm Lab Science Kit

    Room Alarm Lab Science Kit

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  18. Build a Water Fountain Circuit Science Kit
  19. Remote Control Machines Animals Build Bionic Creatures Science Kit
  20. Electronics Learning Circuits Science Kit
  21. Smart Phone Kids Science Lab
  22. The Dangerous Book for Boys - Essential Electronics
  23. Snap Circuits Extreme 750 Learning Center
  24. 300 in 1 Electronic Project Lab
  25. Snap Circuit Motion Detector Electronic Mini Kit
  26. RC Snap Rover Snap Circuit Vehicle
  27. Snap Circuits Sound Electronic Science Kit
  28. Snap Circuits 300 Learning Center
  29. Kids Deluxe Crime Scene Detective Lab
  30. Snap Circuits Jr. 100 Learning Center
  31. Snap Circuits Light Electronic Science Kit
  32. Robotics Electronic Robot Construction Set
  33. Deluxe Snap Rover Snap Circuit Vehicle

33 items

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