Word treasure hunts grow into educational fairy tales!

by Alenka

A while ago I shared one of the ways we found to spice up our learning to read: Word Treasure Hunts really spiced it up, and brought some magic into our lives. You can read more about setting it up in this article: Word Treasure Hunts. Recently we were ready to elaborate it, get it to a new level…

My son’s reading is pretty good by now, and I am very happy that we read lots of books both in Russian and English. Yet, his beliefs in Santa Claus, Tooth Fairy, Super Heroes and other magic creatures is still very strong, so the letters from his dear old magical dwarf pal bring a special joy to his heart. And as I am listening to my son reading those letters, I am overwhelmed with joy as well.

Ah, well, I am not writing this to brag – merely to share.1a

Here are the last two letters. One he received right after Christmas. The other one – was to aid our learning of Antarctic continent. For the first one I purposefully avoid pictures: I want only his imagination to draw them, I don’t even dare to intervene with anything he might be seeing in his mind. The second one has lots of illustrations of Antarctic, icebreakers, even dog sleds and snowmobiles. Since my son is fascinated with robots, robots became the main characters. Again, I refrained from standing in a way of my son’s imagination, but I provided space for drawing his own illustrations, using my favorite concepts from Anti-coloring books by Susan Striker.

I also tried to tell the story in the simplest words I could, to make reading easier. Feel free to change the text any way that works for your child – simplify further, correct it, shorten it, lengthen it. If you would like to share your modified version, please email it to ideas@ChildAndMe.com and I’ll be glad to post it here.

Enjoy! Hopefully you find this useful!

Magic Gnome Letter /#1:
New Year celebration in a Magical Forest.. (English)
New Year celebration in a Magical Forest. (Russian)

Magic Gnome Letter /#2:
Robots in Antarctic.. (English)
Robots in Antarctic. (Russian)