Teaching kids German. Resources

by Alenka

At this point, I don’t have much. I hope more materials will come from other parents.

Recommended dictionaries for German-English (and back) translation (thanks to MaryAnn for the links and wonderful tips!):

Both sites offer translation from english-german, german-english, as well as some other languages. I click on english-german, and type in the english word that I wanted translated. Then up pops several choices of german words with sound file attached. I detach the sound file on my hard-drive and insert it into my powerpoint files.

Sometimes the challenge is that you have multiple words that pop up for translation. In that case I have to ask a German native speaker (my husband or friends) to pick out what is the best translation. The other issue is that some sound files are in “mp3″ which for some reason doesn’t play on my windows media player. I am only able to play “wav” files. To get around that, I had to download a free mp3 to wav software to convert all the sound files prior to inserting into the file.

As I said, this is a really time consuming process so I haven’t made so many German files yet. I think the best way is to find some German Doman moms who might be interested in swapping bits with you. I’m sure they are able to record their voices on their files which is much faster process. You just need to make sure that they speak Hochdeutsch, which is like the Queen’s English in England, or the standard American English spoken in the midwest (without any heavy regional accent).1aaa1