Did you know these facts about the history of Thanksgiving Day?

We all know the story of Thanksgiving, right? May be not! We bet, you don’t know a thing or two about the American favorite family holiday. Let’s see… Did you know that…? The first Thanksgiving in 1621, when the pilgrims invited the Native American neighbors to share meal with them, wasn’t just the dinner. It [...]

Black Friday deals for early gift shoppers!

Buy early, save BIG! Why would you wait for the holiday shopping craze if now all the best toys are available and the best deals are here! Use the Black Friday coupon codes for your early holiday order: GIFT5 = $5 off 40+ order GIFT15 = $15 off 125+ order GIFT30 = $30 off 200+ order Hurry! [...]

10 fun facts about the Solar System

Teach children about our cosmic neighborhood – Solar System! 10 fun facts about the Solar System: The 8 planets of the Solar System include 4 inner planets - Mercury, Venus, Earth and Mars, and 4 outer planets - Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune. The outer planets of the Solar System are made mostly of gas and water. The inner planets are made up almost entirely of [...]

#1 preschool toy for learning numbers

Opening the last batch of birthday presents really surprised: there was a toy that we didn’t have yet (that’s hard), that my preschooler fell in love instantly (that’s even harder, since it wasn’t a truck!), and that was both fun, educational and totally inspirational on how to expand on this whole topic! That was a sweeeeeet [...]

Buy now. Build – anytime. Building toys sale

Building fun for everyone! Get 10% off all building toys with the coupon Build10. All our building toys are on SALE now! Find the construction set that your child will love building with. Add it cart. Use the coupon code Build10. Save 10% on ALL building toys. By playing with building toys, children wonder how [...]

Learning numbers. 2 unusual toy ideas + 1 cool tool that you already have.

When it comes to learning numbers, we have two toys that help us the most. And one indispensible tool that you already have, that works awesome with some additional benefits. The best: all these things are really fun, enjoyable, educational and my kids were begging me to do it again and again! Oh, trust me, [...]