The ultimate shopping day. Cyber Monday 2015.

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Top 5 reasons why we should teach our children chemistry

1. It’s literally the basis of science. Chemistry is based on the very building blocks of all of science – microscopic things like atoms and molecules. Scientists say that chemistry is an alphabet of science. An understanding of basic concepts of chemistry could give your child a significant advantage in understanding other sciences. Take, biology, [...]

Black Friday 2015 super deals are here!

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Beyond the SAT – how to truly prepare your young adult for college

You’ve helped them with their SAT or ACT practice tests. You’ve listened to them have borderline anxiety attacks during finals week. You’ve sat for hours discussing dream schools, reach schools, and target schools. You’ve attended numerous campus tours and now own what seems like a dozen free college shirts. You’ve celebrated them getting accepted to [...]

The role of family and why it is larger now than ever.

Kids in 2015 lead extremely different lifestyles than those of their counterparts 30, 20, or even 10 years ago. Most of their socialization with friends happens through social media. Instagramming has replaced scrapbooking, text messaging has replaced face-to-face interaction, Xbox Live has replaced backyard games of football. These are not negative things by any means. As a [...]