Free Presentation: Teach Your Child To Read in Russian

by Alenka


Thanks to all kind comments! Your words are truly encouraging. So, here are some updates to the Russian presentations sections:

    1. Introductory Words In Russian PPT (8 1/2 x 11, with pictures) file has been updated again with new words and illustrations,
    1. and a new Introductory Russian Couplets 3 presentation is posted.

I’ll continue to add couplets files here: How to Teach Your Baby To Read: Materials (look for Step 2, Couplets and select Russian links).


  1. raluca

    i have aquestion about the ppt with the introductory russian words,shoud i hear the prononciation or not?thanks

  2. Alenka Post author

    No. At the time when I was creating those, I didn’t find a Russian reading program, so it was easier for me to read it myself. There is only one file created by somebody else that I found, that has some words with pronunciation.