My Toddler’s Top 3 Birthday Gift Toys

by Alenka

I wanted to do this post for a while. I am glad I waited, since I can list only the toys that withstood the test of wearing off novelties.

/# 1 Gift: Kids House Cleaning 6 pcs Set

Originally it was a gift for my five year old. He LOVED it.  And… so did my toddler!  True love.  At first sight.  With so much passion in the air, the property wars swept through the house and it became apparent, that investing into a second set is well worth it.  It really was.  1b1

What I like about this the most is the variety: 6 different cleaning tools! I also love how easy it is to store it:  the set included a stand, where you can hang all of them: broom, a mop, a duster, a dust pan, and a hand brush, easy and neat!  Looks cute and putting together was a breeze: I twisted it’s single screw into the base mostly with my bare hands, finished it of with an included little gadget. The size is great, very comfortable for the little hands to grab.  Yet, the tools are real, not just for a pretend play: my little one can actually sweep and dust with it.  It is soft enough not to scratch him (and the duster turned out terrific for tickling the giggly tummy), but strong enough to do the job.  Two thumbs up, for sure!

/# 2: Bath Fountain

I let you in on a secret: my little one used to hate taking a bath. It was quite an ordeal every night. As soon as this toy was unpacked, his attitude changed 100%: now, bathtime is his favorite time. Now he begs me to put me in his tub twice, three times a day, more if you could.  1aa2

We unpacked all the toy, inserted the batteries, attached the base to the bottom of the tub with a suction cup, stacked the colorful boats and critters on top of the wibbly-wobly floating tray and waited.  We didn’t know yet, that the water level needs to reach the level of the toy for it to work.  “It’s a child’s toy, l can figure it out, – boasted daddy, and bent over the bath tub to the toy.  The water reached the right level and daddy got a big splashy squirt right into his face.  “Cool! Let me see, – mommy took wet-daddy’s place and stuck another attachment on top.  That one twisted wildley around, and in addition to wet-daddy we’ve got wet-mommy.  The cat curiously poked its face over the edge to see what was all the commotion… and with one clever splash managed by my toddler, the wet-and-terrified-cat with really offensive vocalisation deserted the bathroom.  Needless to say, the boys were rolling on the floor with laughter.  And a really happy toddler absolutely refused to leave the tub.  If he could, he’d still be there.

/# 3: Toddler Finger Paints 6 Colors Set

This paint set won over the monster bubbles.  It was a tough choice, but this gift can be used year around, inside or outside, and it is terrific for all ages, so it earned a third place in our personal gift competition.


What do kids love the most? Making a mess.  Except we should call it exploration and self-expression.  Regardless how you call this, the finger painting is a perfect medium for it!  My toddler was a little apprehensive that he is encouraged to get his hands really dirty, and also suspicious green, but once he tried it, he couldn’t get enough.  I don’t even put away his art-apron any more – we need it a lot!

What I like about this set: vivid colors and how easy it was to to clean the artist afterwards.  Bright color selection makes it stand out from other finger painting kits I’ve had before.

And, of course, I love how this gift appealed to all three boys: the 5 year old spent more then an hour creating different messy projects that I could not tell apart from my toddler’s ones, but he was hugely proud of.  My eight year old really enjoyed some fingerprinting animals and shapes.  And my toddler – was absolutely fascinated.

Could not be better!