Montessori for parents and teachers course

by Alenka

I am reading quite a few Montessori books at the moment. I am looking through the videos. Nevertheless, I have tons of questions and it still is in a bit of a haze! So I decided to try Karen’s course for parents and teachers.


The course lasts either 12 or 24 months, but it is possible to cancel it at any time, or to sign up only on monthly basis. On a weekly basis (but looking at my mailbox, I feel like it is more on “daily basis”) Karen, an AMS certified teacher sends out the emails with lectures, sample pictures, FAQ, activity listings, progress tracking systems, etc. The difference in 12 and 24 months is only the rate at which you get the materials: it is the same amount of materials, but if you sign up for 12 months, you get them twice as fast. The access to the group and to the instructor remains open for the entire two year duration of the course regardless of the option that you choose.

I was a little reluctant to invest into this course, since I was hoping that simply going through the books and online free materials is going to be enough. My list of questions was… endless. Hopeless. What materials do I ABSOLUTELY need? How do I present them correctly? How do I organize them? When? Where? And what is this strange binomial cube is for?

When I finally found out the price – I couldn’t resist: you can have it as low as 10 dollars a month and there are numerous discounts if you want to pay ahead?! Incredible!

I signed up for a month of one year course – I decided to “gamble” with $20. If I don’t like the course – it’s not too much too lose. If I find it useful, then I can continue for as long as I find it good (or until the end).

Well… my expectations were exceeded so much, that I am still surprised! I’ve got to say, that I can’t praise this course enough. And, in addition to marvelous, beautifully organized materials, in addition to really all-inclusive FAQs, Karen answers at all member’s questions either as a public communication in the group, or privately! Since I joined, I’ve been reading discussions on set up of the environment, I’ve been asking Karen’s advice on workflow, and even material recommendations. The answers were not only prompt and explicit, but Karen even follows up later to make sure that they provided sufficient information!

There are plently information for the beginners, starting with 2 year olds. There is information about what kind of materials you need to purchase or which ones you can make. For the parents of older kids, Karen started sending out some more advanced materials right away, to provide all her student kids challenged and all their parents happy!

Thanks to Karen for putting this together and helping so many parents with so much wisdom, kindness, generosity and courtesy!

One thought on “Montessori for parents and teachers course

  1. Karen Tyler

    Thank you for such a nice write-up on the course that I run on Yahoo Groups (I love my students)! I do have a new class forming for February 1st, 2010. Please visit my website and leave a message for me and I’ll send you information about the course and free 3-part cards! Blessings, Karen