Maisy the Mouse Goes Travelling

by Alenka

Learning more about the world became the major subject that we concentrated for the past year. Now we found a new exciting way to set forth our explorations.

Lately, we pick a country, we look at it at the map, line up animals that live there and cherish our little treasures that we collected for that place; do puzzles for that continent, and games. We integrate all the other subjects that we learn: we listen for the composers associated with that country; read fairy tales from those countries; learn about their artists and do some art projects; learn the scientists that things they discovered all tied up to that geographic location. Recently we started trying postcard exchange with some of our friends who live overboard.

Now – we have a new idea – traveling Maisy!

The idea is not new and there are plenty of versions on how it is implemented. There is a very cute Flat Stanley Project that promotes kids’ literacy all over the world. There are plenty stuffed animals who travel for a specific cause: fund raising for cancer research, global warming awareness, business promotions, etc.

Our cause is simple: we would like to learn more about all kinds of different places, get a more personal and exciting look at it through the eyes of our old and new friends. For us – it is primary for educational reasons and, of course, for fun!

While we were just playing with this idea in our heads, the perfect opportunity presented itself right away: our very sweet next door neighbor was getting ready to leave for Barcelona, Spain!

So, we needed to pick a staffed animal quickly. After extensive search through our collection of toys and some local stores, we found a perfect candidate: small enough not to impose weight issues on airline restrictions, big enough to be visible on photos, charming and sweet to win over new friends. For us it turned out to be a little mouse Maisy. This mouse is part of very cute book series for the little kids. He even has his own backpack with a book. We replaced the book with a home-made simple passport card and Maisy was ready for his first trip!

While Maisy was ready, none of us really were. My kids got excited so much, they even had a slight separation anxiety: while Maisy was a fairly new toy (at least for us: Maisy was “donated” for this adventure by my niece) the fact that we already had to part with him so soon, raised him to a special status among other toys. As for me, I am still having very vague idea of how this project will work, how Maisy’s diary is going to be kept and posted.

So, while we are figuring those details, Maisy is flying off to a magical world of Antonio Gaudy, Joan Miro, Pablo Picasso, Salvador Dali, Diego Velásquez; queen Isabella’s blessing Columbus on his journey to the American coast… and of course escargot, sangria, flamenco, and just unforgettable Barcelona adventure!