Maisy is going to Barcelona, Spain

by Alenka


The little stuffed mouse Maisy is on a mission to travel around the globe and help us learn more about the world! (See more about this here: Maisy The Mouse Goes Traveling) So with his little laminated passport safely stashed in a toy backpack behind his shoulders, Maisy is joining our very kind neighbors on their family trip to Barcelona, Spain. And while we anxiously wait for them to to return, we trying to learn some fun facts about Spain in general and Barcelona in particular. These are the resources that we used to make learning fun:

  1. European Bingo Game – free board game that we use as a fun way to learn more about Europe
  2. Books:

    These books we haven’t had a chance to read, but they surely looked interesting!

  3. DVD:
    • I don’t know any.  Recommendations are welcomed.
  4. Toys:
    • We usually take a world puzzle, hear some fun facts on a talking globe and talking maps.  EducationalToysPlanet has a good selection of Geography toys: We also like the atlases they used to sell (their description is still quite useful), but now I found a similar one:
    • Face to Face Alex Beard Cubist Strategy Game This board game we got as a birthday gift and while this strategy game doesn’t directly correlate to Spain, it does look like a Picasso painting going wild all over the table.
    • 10 Days In Europe Game
      We actually own “10 days across Asia” and for Europe we use the game that I designed myself.  I found “10 days across Asia” absolutely fantastic, so I listed this title here anyway.
    • Nanoblock: Sites to See: Sagrada Familia
      Again, we don’t have it but I thought it would be an excellent activity  for this topic.
  5. PPT:
  6. Web:
  7. Hands On Experiments:
    • Spanish Travelers Routes: we used this travelers card set that I designed to learn more about Columbus.
    • Spanish Explorers Cards: these explorer cards were really useful and well designed.
    • Picasso craft: cut or buy foam geometric figures and make a picture out of it
    • La Tomatina Bean Bags for La Tomatina Food fight
      is a festival that is held in the Valencian town of Buñol, in which participants throw tomatoes at each other. It is held the last Wednesday in August, during the week of festivities of Buñol.
    • Craft: flamenco dancer 
    • Flag printables 


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