It’s Party Time!

by Educational Toys Planet

Have you ever wanted to throw an exciting and unique party for your child’s birthday? Have you ever felt overwhelmed planning a party? Well no need to fear! Planning a child’s birthday party does not need to be stressful – instead it should be a great way to express your creativity and bring a smile to your child’s face.


birthdaycake-party-timeThe first step you should take is choosing a theme for the party. Try to brainstorm a list of things your child is currently interested in. It’s great to ask for input from your child, but just remember that sometimes younger children are very impulsive with their answers. Some popular ideas could include Cinderella, superheroes, dinosaurs, or a certain sport. You can focus on a specific television show, a popular book, or an activity your child enjoys. Whatever theme you decide on, the topic should run throughout your party. All activities, decorations, and party favors will somehow relate to that topic. This gives you a great opportunity to get creative. Show everyone how innovative you are by transforming the entire party into an exciting theme-based interactive world. Your child will love how every aspect brings his or her favorite things to life!




The next step is to plan specifically when the party will occur. This includes dates and times. If the party is for a younger child try to avoid interrupting his or her sleeping or eating patterns. Make sure the date is convenient as well. It’s ok if the party does not occur on your child’s actual birthday. Celebrating twice is double the fun!

Before you begin planning the specifics of the actual party it is very important to assess the amount of the time you can actually put into the planning. Many people choose to consult a professional children’s entertainer to help plan. You should look for someone who has strong leadership skills, but is also warm, engaging, and open to your ideas as well. Don’t be afraid to ask questions before hiring anyone either. Some good questions are as follows:


  • Is your party program interactive?
  • How many children actually get involved?
  • How much customization will you do for my child?
  • What kinds of additional services do you have (such as party supplies, goodie bags, etc)?


If you do end up hiring some extra help, the next steps will be completed by the party planner and you. Create invitations (that match the theme of the party of course!) and decide how many children will be invited to the party. The number of attendees will determine the party places you can use. Decide if you want to host the party in your home, in a hall, or outside (always have a rain date if you’re hosting an outdoors party).


 Party Games


No party is complete without party games! Try to plan out an actual agenda and some activities for the party. Decide how you want to welcome your children’s friends and the order in which you will complete each activity – games, food, cake, gift opening etc. Activities and games are where you can be most creative when you plan your party. A good place to start is to think of a classic party game. For example, musical chairs is a childhood favorite. Instead of just playing regular musical chairs, make the game fit your theme. If you have a Cinderella theme, turn the game into “musical thrones. Instead of “Pin-the-Tail-on-the-Donkey your Cinderella party can feature “Pin-the-Glass-Slipper-on-the-Girl. These revisions to the classic games will keep your child interested and excited! An important factor to keep in mind when designing these games is to make sure all the children can be involved. Also, determine whether or not you will need extra help with the children while they participate in these activities. Don’t be afraid to ask parents to stay for the party and provide food and fun for them as well! You can also get family members to help out. Older siblings, grandparents, aunts, uncles etc make great party aids!


Cake and Party  Favors


Before your party starts it’s very important to make sure all of the supplies are in order. Children’s party supplies and decorations can either be purchased or homemade. Figure out a budget first. There are many party supply stores and ways you can be creative. Again, make sure all decorations fit the theme of the party. Even the birthday cake should relate to the party theme or at least follow the same color scheme. Most children care more about what the cake looks like than what it tastes like, so don’t go too crazy with the recipe.


A final great idea is to have all of your child’s friends leave the party with a special favor to remember the fun party! Party favors are a great way to thank everyone for coming and let each child take something home with them. It’s very easy to fit the theme with goody bags or other favors. Jigsaw puzzles, mini toys, sticker sets, and candy make fun gifts. Many companies sell wholesale children’s party favors which make great goody bags when you combine a few items. Specific toy gifts are also really fun. Going back to the “Cinderella party, a great favor might be something like the Cinderella Magnet set. A Pirate Adventure Jigsaw puzzle makes a great party gift for pirate themed parties. The options are endless! A good way to search for ideas is to search for the key word “party favors on toy websites. Many sites will have specific toys set aside – which can even inspire your theme! Make sure the favor is on the same level of the party attendees. For example, don’t give out a toy that may be too difficult for some of the guests to play with.


After your successful party don’t forget to talk to your child about the party. Make sure he or she enjoyed the birthday festivities. Discuss the best games, funniest moments, and favorite activities – make the happy feelings last as long as possible, that’s how you preserve the best memories your child will never forget!