Doman method. How many times a day to show the flashcards?

by Alenka

That depends on you: as much as you both enjoy it. I also would love to find out how many times other mommies manage to do it, so if you have a minute, feel free to share it at our forum : it is very encouraging to everyone! One thing is certain: no matter how many times per day you do it, your baby will benefit from it.

I’ve got to admit, I can’t do it more often then three times a day… Based on the wonderful recommendations Laurie Tiemens in her How Do I Start Showing Flashcards post, I do three rounds daily, at least 30 minutes apart: usually twice in the morning, and once after the nap.

Now our round consists of:

Wow, it really looks more time consuming on paper, then it is in reality: we usually manage to squeeze in some physical exercises (see Teach Your Baby To Be Physically Superb), playground time, walk in a park, games, puzzles, or even swimming!

Honestly, I am sure most of you are doing a lot more then we manage. One thing is certain: on the days we have to skip our “program” for some reason, both me and my son feel… bored! No wonder so many moms go back to work – I am not sure I could stay home without something requiring so much creativity, responsibility and dedication – without so much fun!

Yet, it doesn’t take that long and I do know some moms who manage to squize in some time learing together before work and right after they come home. It really doesn’t take all that long…


  1. Ian

    I understood the Reading instructions in the book to mean we were supposed to do 5 sets of words three times a day, that is 15 sessions, each at least 15 minutes apart. Then add to that three sets of couplets three times a day, for a grand total of 24 sessions. As they’re 15 minutes apart, that’s a maximum of 4 per hour, so it takes at least 6 hours to get through 24. With nursery, other activities and our child just not being in the right mood sometimes, it seems impossible to follow the course as recommended. What are we supposed to do?

  2. Alenka Post author

    Every session has to be at least 15 minutes to half an hour apart. That’s how I understood it too. And every time I read one of the Doman books I also get a feeling that day and night, rain or shine, with no interruptions for food, sleep and (god forbid!) some home errands – we should be educating our kids. Every time I get a feeling, that it is impossible to do everything they say.

    I believe it was some parents who took the course who clarified that you can put diversified sessions back to back: i.e. words, then math, then encyclopedic knowledge and then a break for at least a half hour.

    15 sessions a day, 24 sessions – I could never accomplish it. Besides – all of this are just guidelines!

    I was putting couplets and words and now even sentences back to back. Every “session” my kid would watch some words, some couplets, some math dots, some bits, some words in another language, some sentences in a third language… And, obviously, I could manage just 3 such sessions per day.

    Now my son is 4 and I still have it in the same format: our 5 basic presentations of words, couplets, sentences in English and words and couplets in Spanish + reading a little from a real book in Russian (my son’s reading is the most advanced in Russian) + one-two Encyclopedic Knowledge presentation. In the morning we usually follow up with Montessori activities or some educational/logical games/puzzles or writing. Or math. Then we do our physical exercises. Then we usually have a playdate, or just go to the park! And after dinner and a nap, I just very quickly flash the presentations. Same before bedtime – we flip through them while he is sipping his nightly milk. Works for us!

    Listen to your child and you’ll be able to find what works for you.

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