Gift Ideas for a 3 Year Old

by Educational Toys Planet

If you are a grandparent or perhaps an aunt or uncle, who doesn’t have children then shopping for a best birthday gift for a 3 year old girl or boy is not that easy. There are so many toys out there that how could you possibly know what is the best toy is. If you are unsure of what birthday gift to get for your 3 year old boy or girl; grandchild or perhaps your niece or nephew there are tons of fantastic top selling toys for that age group. There are also a lot of great, very popular 3 year old toys these days.


Any typical 3 year old is going to be all about everything. They want to do crafts. Oh and by the

way we do carry crafts for a 3 year old! They want to role play. They want to cook, play house, paint, play with shaving cream, be a mail person  run until they drop and pretty much anything else Mom and Dad will let them get away with. So, although it will be tough to choose a toy, you really can’t go wrong.


The best part about this age is that they want to learn everything. So if you want to get an age appropriate board game for your 3 year old niece or nephew they would love a matching or memory game, both very popular. These types of toys fall under the educational category toys for 3 year olds. And what is great is that kids that age don’t even realize they are learning, they just want to play.



Should you be on the hunt for a Christmas gift for a 3 year old again there are a ton of options. If you would prefer a more creative type toy another top seller is a playhouse. Kids love to play house and be Mommy or Daddy. Other great options include toys like: doctor kids, puzzles, paint sets and bubble machines.


There are a lot of other great choices. Three year olds are in a wonderful developmental stage where all they want is to play more, learn more, and then play some more. They want to build with blocks, pretend they are racing in a car race, try on dress up clothes and become someone else for a bit, paint a work of art, and design the next bridge right before they knock it down and start over again.


When choosing a toy just think about what the 3 year old you are buying for talks about a lot. If she wants to go to the moon, then a puzzle with the planets is a great choice. If he wants to knock down buildings then a cool construction truck would be a great way to go. And if you still just aren’t sure what to get, it is always safe to buy some play dough, chalk or paints. Kids love to create and go through a lot of both of those, so the parents will appreciate you restocking the supply.


There are so many great gift ideas for a 3 year old out there. However, if you look at the mentioned top selling toys and most popular ones, and pick one of those you will be on the right track. And you will be certain to get hugs and kisses from your grandchild or niece/nephew. Just remember they want to play and learn. If the toy you purchase engages them, they will be happy and so fun to watch.