European Travelers Game Cards

by Alenka

Yet another something that I included into my European collection of items as a part of the Montessori Continent Box Swap: I found good directions for building an Origami ship and created a game/three-part cards where kids can learn about European Explorers, their ships, their journeys and even utilize their origami ship to give each traveler a ride in a fun game!

Origami Ship

Origami Paper Ship InstructionsFirst look at the paper ship. Many years ago, Northern Europe was home to the powerful tribes, called Vikings. Vikings were building ships and traveling all over the world, and even settled in America long before it was discovered by Columbus! Using these paper ship building directions, you can build your own flotilla!
My son LOVED creating ships for everyone in a swap. He decorated each of them, but what he doesn’t know yet, is that this is the ship that he’ll use for a fabulous educational game that comes next…
I actually know a few more variations of ship building directions. These, by far, are the simplest. I am sure each of you built a ship like that when they were a kid. Nevertheless, I picked this design to maximize kid’s chances to reproduce it.
I found excellent (and animated) directions for other models of origami ships here: Origami-Kids (just scroll down, pick a model that you’d like to learn and scroll down again for animated instructions).
Folding, following directions, control of error; learning and fun – I think origami is a wonderful Montessori activity!

Travelers Game/three-part cards

Your ships will need some travelers. Europeans always, in all ages, loved to travel. Some European travelers are included in this European Travelers Game. You can match Travelers to their ships, you can match them to the maps of their journeys. Your kid can match them on her own and check the results against the control card. Or your child can even take a paper origami ship and just traverse the roads that traveler explored on an included map. We even play games – who identifies the most routs and gets home first – wins! More instructions inside the file.

Spanish Explorers Cards

Spanish Explorer CardsI found more excellent Spanish Explorer Cards (free!). They also include an explorer, his picture, some fun facts and even a map. I didn’t match their journeys on the world map that you can see in the Travelers file above, but I might add them later, or you can feel free to add them yourself! I honestly can’t locate where I found these cards, so if you know their original location, please let me know and I’d be happy to link to the source.

Share if you find more ways to play.



  1. Leann

    I looked all day yesterday, and didn’t find anything like those explorer cards! Thanks for posting them, as well as the Travelers game.

  2. Alenka Post author

    Link to the Travellers game is updated! Enjoy! Looking forward to hear comments and suggestions!

    Also, I am often abusing a bit English grammar, throwing out articles to be able to pack more information on a smaller space on a card. I prefer to read the facts to myself and say it to kids in my own words (with all the grammar rules back in place, obviously).