European Bingo – free board game!

by Alenka

While our little stuffed mouse Maisy is happily enjoying Barcelona (see more about this here: Maisy The Mouse Goes Traveling), I finally had a chance to upload our most helpful tool for learning about Europe: the European Bingo Game, that I designed back at the time when I was participating in a Montessori Continent Swap.

The file with the game turned out too large, so I split it out into two:
European Bingo 1: Italy, Spain, Greece, Russia, Czech Republic
European Bingo 2: UK, France, Northern European Countries, Southern European Countries, Natural Wonders

Every file contains a Bingo card, map with the country highlighted, fact sheet and template for creating more. I printed out all images (like on the picture to the right) twice. I used it to…
1. Create a bingo card with a map on one side, and all the images on the other.
2. Create separate cards with pictures on one side and all the facts on the other.

I laminated all the cards. We are using these cards so often, that I actually created a second set just to keep as flash cards in our European continent boxes (we have different boxes for different countries, so having a few cards in each with some facts about this country is really useful).

How do we play this game:
1. Pick a bingo card
2. Pick level of difficulty: you can either place it with pictures side up, or map side up and guess if the cards that you are drawing belongs to your country/region
3. Mix the cards with descriptions and place them in some little bag (or cover them, to avoid seeing the picture of the next item right away)
4. Draw the cards one by one and the one who has it on his bingo-card places a token on this item.
5. For more educational fun, if any of us can name a single fact about the card that was drawn (even if it is by another player), you get a token! In the end, the one with the most tokens (i.e. who named the most facts) wins! We count the tokens after we collect all 9 cards for our country/region.

Actually, since we are not so keen on competitiveness, we just play until we filled our bingo card, helping each other along the way with facts and some fun information. Also, to fit in more information, I often opted to get rid off some articles or punctuation points. I figured out that when I’ll be reading this to a child, I’ll say it correctly, but on a fact-card I just need a quick and simple reference.

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