Easy and fabulous DIY diaper cake

by Alenka

DIY diaper cakeDo you know the most useful, the most helpful, and the prettiest gift you could give to a mother to be?  It is a diaper cake.  Ever since I discovered them, I was totally sold on the idea: a practical item, that will be used repeatedly over and over, that will be helpful to the new parents’ budget, and no matter what your stylistic preferences are, it is always the prettiest of all baby shower decorations!  The only downside: acquiring one.  Buy one? Always overpriced.  Make one?  Always overcomplicated.  Every youtube video I’ve seen involved such intimidating items as hot glue guns, special paper rolls, myriad of colorful cardstock papers,  tons of extra blankets and items… really, it doesn’t have to be so complicated.  And labor intensive.  And it can still be fabulous.

I don’t mind spending time on cool artistic embellishments.  I do mind the construction project with a magnitude of an Egyptian pyramid.  Common, it is a diaper cake: it is meant to calmly stand on the pretty little table, be admired, photographed and then ruthlessly ripped apart for the baby to deliver his smelly appreciation tokens into every little piece of it’s former magnificence.   Don’t overcomplicate.

Since I don’t mind spending time decorating it, I decided to make a Huge Easy and Fabulous Diaper Cake.  If you decide on medium sized, or small one, just skip a layer or two.

Magic Trick /#1: Get a bigger size diapers.  It will take less diapers to cover more surface.  Don’t worry, the baby will use them all anyway.  Eventually.


  • a box of diapers
  • small rubber bands (like loop and loom)
  • chopsticks or skewers (I prefer chopsticks: stronger, holds structure better, thicker and not as sharp – less of a chance to puncture one of the diaper in the process)
  • large tray
  • OR
  • a large cardboard piece (for the base) + tissue paper to wrap it up
  • ~6 large rubber bands (like produce rubber bands) or a piece of rope, or a string.  Whatever you can find.
  • scotch tape or stapler.
  • scissors
  • decorations: ribbons, baby hat, pacifiers, bibs, toys, whatever little items you wanted to add.




  • If you have a tray – you are done.  Start building your Diaper Cake.

If you don’t have a suitable tray that is large enough, no problemo!  Again, simplicity is the key:

  • cut a large rectangular piece of cardboard.  I didn’t measure anything.  Just quickly grabbed a knife and cut rather a large piece.  I also used scissors to cut the corners off, but this is purely optional.
  • wrap the cardboard with tissue paper and secure with scotch tape at the bottom

Your base is ready.  Now let’s get “baking.1a21


  • start rolling some diapers and securing them with the small rubber bands. Not too many, you’ll roll more as you go


Bottom layer – Layer 1:

  • Magic Trick 2: take one or two packs of diapers (depending how wide/tall you wish your finished diaper cake to be. Right in a plastic.  Each of my packs contained 23 diapers, but how many are in yours will depend on a company you use.
  • Cut plastic so that it just holds diapers only in the middle, exposing the edges.
  • Put large rubber bands around the diaper packs (mine were not big enough; my husband suggested to tie two of them together – it worked!).
  • Start inserting rolled diapers all around. Poke, poke, poke.  I took me 29 diapers to roll around the base this big.



Layer 2:

  • I’ve got 1 pack of 23 diapers
  • 1 large rubber band around it
  • Magic Trick 3: 4 chopsticks (or skewers) inserted into the rubber bands/diaper packs to hold the layers together!  Ta-daaa!
  • Start inserting the rolled diapers – 19 diapers for my Huge Easy and Fabulous creation.


Layer 3:

  • 1 chopstick inserted in the middle
  • Put one large rubber band around it and insert 4 diapers
  • Put another large rubber band around those 4 diapers and insert… it was total of 23 for me


Top Layer – Layer 4:

  • If you prefer to top your cake with a toy, insert it right in!


  • I picked a hat for the top.  So I needed some more rolled diapers and chopsticks to secure the hat:
  • 2 chopsticks.
  • 1 large rubber band around them
  • insert diapers into the rubber band… and I laid out one rolled diaper on top, to support the shape of the hat
  • put the hat on!


Decorate the Layers:

  • measure the ribbon and start wrapping it around the layers.
  • staple or scotch tape the ribbon.
  • Insert some of your other little gifts – pacifiers, bibs, toys
  • I got carried away with this part a bit, inserted a few lotions using more chopsticks and even used a couple of party hats to make it look like a castle.

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Voila!  The Huge Easy and Fabulous Diaper Cake is ready to become the star of any baby shower!