Educational Presentations in Russian. Parents’ Resources.

by Alenka

Since there are so many English materials, I personally concentrate in Russian language texts. Though some of the texts are available in both languages, so if you like to teach both Russian and English you can surprise your child by showing him his favorite book in another language. Feel free to translate the books into any language you want, and I truly hope you would share your translation or new books with us!

How do I use these books?
Russian Books
Encyclopedic Knowledge Books
Russian Books at other sites

If you are interested in books in other languages, you can find them here:

English Books
Spanish Books
German Books
Books in other languages
Fantastic Collection of PowerPoint presentations created by A.P.P.
Terrific Collection of PowerPoint presentations shared by Isa. books – humongous amount of home made books in all languages; free, but registration required.

Note: files marked with * include famous works of art. Files marked with With Sound include sound effects. Files marked with V include links to videos.

How to use these books?
See our tips on showing these materials on the computer and printing them out.

Other Russian language presentation resources (thanks to everyone for their terrific work!):

  • Poems for every letter of Russian alphabet, read by male and female voices.
  • Presentations by Elena Danilova : Elena Danilova devised her own method of teaching to read, so these presentations don’t follow the recomended format. You will find many of them updated to the “Doman” format in our Encyclopedic Knowledge Collection (large text, separate pictures from text, etc.)
  • I’ve also found the following list of places that seem to feature russian language presentations. I haven’t checked those sites out, but feel free to review them and let all of us know what they have (the list and comments come from

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