Continent Swap: North America

by Alenka

Honey organized this amazing swap (7 moms putting together 7 boxes of materials relating to one of the 7 continents and mailing each other duplicate packages to ensure that everyone has continent boxes from all over the world! See more here: Montessori Continent Box Swap). Honey found absolutely remarkable swappers to provide her with one of a kind continent boxes! Now, read on to find all kinds of ideas and things that can be included in the North American Continent Box.

First of all, we already started doing the North American continent box before. These are some of the things we already had:

Leann was one of the first to respond to the Mondorfment Mom’s call for swappers. Lean was also participating in Honey’s other swap and did Central America for 12 other moms… and see her list and fantastic illustrations of of incredible items she put together for us in her blog here: Mondorfment Swaps — North America and a freebie!! See the summary and more ideas of things that can be added to our North American box:

  • To make this list even more impressive, Honey posted her list of sites and activities, 3-part cards and other materials that have to do with America, and it is absolutely amazing: Flag day & Symbols of America free 3 part card download
  • a book (either Legend of the Indian Paintbrush OR Grandfather Buffalo)
  • a US flag
  • Canadian coins
  • US coins (for those living outside the US)
  • Native American dreamcatcher
  • brochure about the Statue of Liberty
  • felt (paper) dolls of pilgrim boy and girl, cowboy, prairie girl, Native American boy and girl, Canadian mountee (and if i have time, a Central American person…)
  • CD with music and links
  • map of one of provinces of Canada
  • (if I can get them in time… brochure about the Northern lights)
  • digital files: 3 part cards of animals, people, landmarks, etc.
  • step-by-step directions on how to put felt dolls together
  • Native american language activity, alphabet
  • Native American seed/bead loom strip
  • turkey feather and an activity that allows students to contrast/compare turkey vs. eagle and some background information about it (Benjamin Franklin actually lobbied for the wild turkey to be the national bird)
  • wheat stalks and a cotton ball (the 2 biggest US agricultural exports — wheat and cotton)
  • CD of music that varies from Native American to jazz to bluegrass to folk
  • some toob animals that represent North America
  • 3 part cards: sports that originated in North America (you can download it in Lean’s blog: Mondorfment Swaps — North America and a freebie!
  • various pamphlets on major national landmarks
  • some corn husks and instructions on how to make tamales
  • pica gomas (Central American) candy
  • Central American style crosses that can be strung on a necklace/etc for a lacing activity
  • 6 sided top that is a game; the words are written in Spanish
  • map, pamphlets, and postcards from various places in Canada

Swamped with the work that I was doing for my own continent, I felt both excited and inspired! I’ll post pictures when the staff is here!